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CIPM ad hoc Working Group on Implementing the Recommendations from the Review of the CIPM MRA
Having completed its mission, this group was closed by the CIPM in June 2018.

Terms of Reference:

Following the recommendations of the Working Group on the Implementation and Operation of the CIPM MRA, the Terms of Reference of the CIPM ad hoc Working Group are:

  • To oversee and monitor overall progress with the implementation of the recommendations of the Working Group on the Implementation and Operation of the CIPM MRA.

  • To ensure that the different roles during the implementation phase are understood and agreed by the parties concerned, taking account of input from the JCRB.

  • To address recommendations that have specific actions for the CIPM, amongst others that related to the review of the Terms of Reference for the JCRB, and to present proposals concerning these actions to the CIPM.

  • To identify recommendations with actions that it considers would be better addressed by the CC Presidents collegiately rather than individually, and to facilitate that process.

  • To consider whether, in the longer term, a CIPM standing subcommittee for oversight of the CIPM MRA is warranted, and to make a recommendation to the CIPM.

  • To report on progress at future meetings of NMI Directors and Member State representatives.


  • Dr Barry D. Inglis


  • Dr Ismael Castelazo
  • Dr Héctor Laiz
  • Dr Wynand Louw
  • Dr Willie E. May
  • Prof. Dr Gerrit Rietveld
  • Dr Takashi Usuda
  • Mr Andy Henson (BIPM ILC Director)
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