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CIPM ad hoc Working Group on Membership
Having completed its mission, this group was closed by the CIPM in March 2015.


The process for selection of CIPM members must be made more transparent, for example:

  • What should the requirements for CIPM membership be going forward?
  • What individual and aggregate characteristics are needed for the CIPM to best address its tasks and fulfil its responsibilities?

Terms of reference:

  • To review the current criteria and process for selection of candidates for CIPM membership in light of Recommendations 13, 14, and 15 regarding CIPM Membership from the ad hoc Working Group on the Role, Mission, Objectives, Long-Term Strategy and Governance of the BIPM.

    • Recommendation 13:
      – CIPM Members be elected for a fixed term of 4 years, renewable. Every two years half of the CIPM members will go up for re-election.
    • Recommendation 14:
      – The CIPM will review the list of criteria to be fulfilled by CIPM candidates. The full range of skills necessary to oversee the BIPM in the modern era will be taken into account.
    • Recommendation 15:
      – All CIPM candidates will be scrutinized against these criteria and the results of this with the names of the potential candidates will be provided to a CGPM Election WG. The CGPM WG to give recommendations to the CGPM. Privacy protection of candidates to be taken into account.
    • Recommendation 16:
      – On balance it is suggested that Consultative Committee Presidents not be drawn from the CIPM in order that the CIPM maintains a global and independent view.

  • Propose new criteria and process for initial selection and retention (re-election) of CIPM Members.
    • Criteria and process for the assembly of a collection of individual CIPM members who collectively enable the CIPM to carry out its duties effectively and efficiently.
    • Transparent and effective process for vetting and electing individual members.

  • Noting that a current key role for Members of the CIPM is to serve as Presidents of Consultative Committees, review the requirements, appointment process and term of appointment for Presidents of Consultative Committees.

Having completed its mission, this group was closed by the CIPM in March 2015.


  • Dr Willie E. May


  • Dr Kim Carneiro
  • Dr Barry D. Inglis
  • Dr Robert Kaarls
  • Dr Martin J.T. Milton  [BIPM Director]
  • Prof. Dr Hüseyin Ugur
  • Dr Friederike Weritz  [External member]

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