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CIPM Task Group for Promotion of the SI

It is expected that the CGPM will adopt a substantial redefinition of the International System of Units (SI) in 2018. This will be an important event for the world-wide metrology community. It will require us all to communicate the technical consequences of the proposed changes to the way that traceability will be disseminated to users. It will also provide a special opportunity to increase awareness of the SI, promote metrology in general, and educate the general public about the importance of accurate measurement in daily life.

The Task Group will identify and develop key tools to support all Member States to promote the revised SI among a wide range of different audiences. The Group will share communication tools and messages through this web page. The messages and tools will be available for Member States to use as they find appropriate.

The Group meets annually, with a PR Expert Group undertaking activities between meetings.


  • Prof. Joachim Ullrich


  • Dr Estefanía de Mirandés (CCU Executive Secretary)  (BIPM)


  • BIPM
  • LNE
  • NIM
  • NIST
  • NPL
  • PTB


  • ILAC
  • ISO
  • OIML
  • IEC
  • CIE

PR Expert Group:

  • Mrs Fiona Auty, NPL [rapporteur]
  • Dr Valérie Morazzani, LNE
  • Mrs Gail Porter, NIST
  • Dr Jens Simon, PTB

Photograph of the January 2018 meeting

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12–13 March 2018: Meeting of the CIPM ad hoc Working Group on Implementing the Recommendations from the Review of the CIPM MRA
19–20 June 2018: CC Presidents Meeting
21–22 June 2018: 107th meeting of the CIPM

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