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     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CIPM Task Group on the Digital SI

Terms of reference

  • To develop and establish a world-wide uniform, unambiguous and secure data exchange format for use in IoT networks based on the International System of Units (SI) described in the current SI Brochure.
  • To coordinate this effort with all relevant stakeholders by exploring and/or establishing suitable liaisons.
  • To propose suitable actions towards making the SI Brochure machine readable.


  • Prof. Joachim Ullrich


  • Dr Ismael Castelazo  [CIPM member]
  • Prof. Thomas Liew  [CIPM member]
  • Dr Martin J.T. Milton  [BIPM Director]
  • Dr James K. Olthoff  [CIPM Vice-President]
  • Dr Alan Steele  [CIPM member]

  CIPM: Upcoming meetings
13–14 October 2020: 109th meeting of the CIPM
25–26 February 2021: Online Workshop: The International System of Units (SI) in Digital Communication

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