– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCU Working Group on Strategy (CCU-WG-S)

Draft terms of reference

    Ensure that relevant developments in science, particularly in areas not covered by other CCs, are monitored by the CCU and propose suitable actions;

    Propose a long term vision for the CCU covering the next ten years and to establish and maintain a strategic planning document;

    Advise the CCU on the optimal operational structure of the CCU and its working groups;

    Establish practices to ensure an effective linkage between organizations in liaison and in cooperation with the CCU;

    Suggest to the CCU possible future revisions, additional Annexes to the SI Brochure or other supporting documents, as appropriate.


  • Prof. Joachim Ullrich (CCU President)


  • Dr Michael Stock (CCU Executive Secretary, BIPM)


  • Dr Richard J.C. Brown (NPL)
  • Dr Savely Karshenboim
  • Dr Emilio Prieto Esteban (CEM)
  • Dr Philippe Richard (METAS)
  • Dr Gerrit Rietveld (VSL)
  • Dr Patrizia Tavella (BIPM)

  CCU: Upcoming meetings
20–24 September 2021: 25th meeting of the CCU and related meetings

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