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CCT Working Group for Environment (CCT-WG-Env)

Terms of reference

The objective of the CCT-WG-Env is to foster the scientific and technical collaboration among CCT members, associates and identified stakeholders, to promote a coherent and comprehensive approach on thermal metrology for environment.


    to identify research topics and needs in the field of thermal metrology for environment and to elaborate implementation plans;

    to coordinate and to complement the work of the CCT participants in metrology for climate and environment, supporting and acting for the development of standards, best practice, measurement and uncertainty evaluation methods;

    to liaise with relevant Institutions working in the field of environmental sciences, including international organizations, public and private research centers, universities, instrument manufacturers, environmental protection and hydro meteorological agencies;

    to disseminate expertise and knowledge on thermal metrology for environment through seminars and workshops, web based and software materials;

    to supervise the creation of a forum having the scope to involve participation within and outside the CCT members.


  • Dr Andrea Merlone  (INRIM)


  • Dr Stephanie Bell (NPL)
  • Dr Júlio Dutra Brionizio (INMETRO)
  • Dr Michael De Podesta (NPL)
  • Dr Efrem Kebede Ejigu (NMISA)
  • Dr Rainer Feistel
  • Dr Victor Fuksov (VNIIM)
  • Ms Carmen García Izquierdo (CEM)
  • Mr Drago Groselj (WMO-CIMO)
  • Dr Xiaopeng Hao (NIM)
  • Dr Martti Heinonen (MIKES)
  • Dr Paola Iacomussi (INRIM)
  • Dr Murat Kalemci (UME)
  • Dr Yong-Gyoo Kim (KRISS)
  • Dr Farzana Masouleh (MSL)
  • Dr Christian Monte (PTB)
  • Dr Tohru Nakano (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Peter Pavlasek (SMU)
  • Dr Fernando Sparasci (LNE-LCM/Cnam)
  • Dr Gregory F. Strouse (NIST)
  • Prof. Peter Thorne
  • Dr Eric van der Ham (NMIA)

The "Instruments and Methods of Observation" Programme of the World Meteorology Organization sets technical standards, quality control procedures and guidance for the use of meteorological instruments and observation methods in order to promote development documentation and world-wide standardization. The associated Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations (CIMO) comprises a number of Expert Teams.

Members of the CCT-WG-Env have been invited to take part in five of these Expert Teams, and a WMO CIMO Expert Team member participates in the CCT-WG-Env. Further, the Chairman of the CCT-WG-Env has been invited to serve on the WMO Commission for Climatology's group of Rapporteurs on Climate Observational Issues.

    WMO CIMO Expert Team member participating in the CCT-WG-Env: Mr Drago Groselj (ARSO)

    CCT-WG-Env members participating in the WMO CIMO Expert Teams:

    A1 Expert Team on Operational In Situ Technologies: Dr Andrea Merlone (INRIM)
    A2 Expert Team on Developments in In Situ Technologies: Dr Michael de Podesta (NPL)
    C.1 Expert Team on Operational Metrology: Dr Michael de Podesta (NPL)
    A3 Expert Team on Instrument Intercomparisons: Dr Carmen Garcia Izquierdo (CEM)
    A5 Task Team on Radiation References: Dr Christian Monte (PTB)

    CCT-WG-Env member of the WMO Commission for Climatology's group of Rapporteurs on Climate Observational Issues: Dr Andrea Merlone (INRIM, CCT-WG-Env Chairman)
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