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CCT Working Group for Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CCT-WG-CMC)

Terms of reference

The terms of reference of CCT-WG-CMC are:

    to establish and maintain lists of service categories and, where necessary, rules for the preparation of CMC entries;

    to agree on detailed technical review criteria;

    to coordinate and, where possible, conduct inter-regional reviews of CMCs submitted by RMOs for posting in Appendix C of the CIPM MRA;

    to provide guidance on the range of CMCs supported by particular key comparisons;

    to examine the sufficiency of existing comparisons for supporting CMC submissions and to recommend new comparisons where deemed necessary; and

    to coordinate the review of existing CMCs in the context of new results of key and supplementary comparisons.

WG-CMC is tasked to draft and update CMC review protocols, to review fast-track submissions for inclusion in the KCDB Appendix C, and to identify new comparisons needed to support CMC submissions.


  • Prof. Jovan Bojkovski  (MIRS/UL-FE/LMK)


  • Dr Susanne Picard (KCDB Coordinator, Executive Secretary of the CCT)  (BIPM)


  • Dr Susanne Picard (BIPM)
  • RMO TC-T chairpersons, i.e.:
    Dr Miltiadis Anagnostou (GULFMET/EMI),
    Ms Dolores Del Campo (EURAMET/CEM)
    Dr Efrem Kebede Ejigu (AFRIMETS/NMISA),
    Dr Anatolii Pokhodun (COOMET/VNIIM),
    Dr Andrew Todd (SIM/NRC),
    Dr Inseok Yang (APMP/KRISS)

  CCT: Upcoming meetings
19 January 2021: 29th meeting of the CCT (online) - Session 4
9 February 2021: 29th meeting of the CCT (online) - Session 5

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