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CCT Task Group for Thermophysical Quantities (CCT-TG-ThQ)

Terms of reference

The general objectives of the TG-ThQ are to:

  • identify, study and advise the CCT on matters related to thermophysical quantities;

  • foster and strengthen the scientific and technical collaborations among current and prospective CCT TG-ThQ members;

  • disseminate the metrological expertise and knowledge for the benefit of Industry and Society;

  • develop and maintain active connections with the international thermophysical quantities community.


    review the service categories and identify research topic priorities in the field;

    suggest new comparisons to be performed in the field;

    coordinate and perform ongoing and future comparisons useful for the preparation of CMC entries related to the field;

    when required, and according to priorities defined by the TG-ThQ, draft documents on uncertainty budgets and guidance related to thermophysical quantities measurements;

    exchange information on innovative techniques relevant to the field of thermal quantity measurements;

    provide elements useful for the CCT strategic planning;

    contribute to provide information to one of the electronic tools managed by the CCT and useful for the thermal metrology community including the thermophysical quantities community.


  • Dr Jean-Rémy Filtz  (LNE)


  • Dr Ferruccio Girard (INRIM)
  • Dr Leonard Hanssen (NIST)
  • Dr Bruno Hay (LNE)
  • Dr Jörg Hollandt (PTB)
  • Dr Taeg Yong Kwon (KRISS)
  • Dr Leonel Lira-Cortés (CENAM)
  • Dr Nikolay Sokolov (VNIIM)
  • Dr Jiyu Wu (NPL)
  • Dr Naofumi Yamada (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Jintao Zhang (NIM)

  CCT: Upcoming meetings
19 January 2021: 29th meeting of the CCT (online) - Session 4
9 February 2021: 29th meeting of the CCT (online) - Session 5

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