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CCT Task Group for Non-Contact Thermometry CMCs (CCT-TG-NCTh-CMC)
Having completed its mission, this group was closed by the CCT in November 2019.

Terms of Reference:

    To prepare a draft revision of the Radiation Thermometry CMC Review Protocol for approval by the CCT WG-CMC.
CCT TG-NCTh-CMC Terms of Reference


  • Mr Yoshiro Yamada  (NMIJ/AIST)


  • Dr Mohamed Sadli  (LNE-LCM/Cnam)


  • Dr Klaus Anhalt (PTB)
  • Prof. Jovan Bojkovski (MIRS/UL-FE/LMK)
  • Dr Boris Khlevnoy (VNIIOFI)
  • Dr Xiaofeng Lu (NIM)
  • Dr Mikhail Matveyev (VNIIM)
  • Dr Andrew D. Todd (NRC)

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9 February 2021: 29th meeting of the CCT (online) - Session 5

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