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CCT Task Group for Body Temperature Measurement (CCT TG-NCTH-BTM)

Terms of Reference:

The task groups purpose is to establish reliable clinical thermometry on a global basis.

Its objectives will be to:

  • Lead a key comparison of calibrators for body temperature thermometers (ear/forehead/thermal imagers)
  • Collect and consolidate current best practice/standards of body temperature scanning in a) health services b) airport and other screening around the world
  • Collect current best practice of body temperature measurement and develop a definitive summary of the main body temperature measurement approaches, including pros, cons
  • Review standards and work with appropriate standardisation bodies (e.g. ISO/IEC) concerned with producing standards for body temperature measurement devices

On the basis of the findings of the above:

The TG, in collaboration with the RMOs, will establish a forum of users and suppliers/manufacturers of body temperature measurement devices to identify the problems and develop practical solutions and establish appropriate links to the World Health Organisation.

The inaugural chair of the TG will be Professor Graham Machin, NPL. This is to be reviewed at the next CCT.


  • Prof. Graham Machin  (NPL)


  • Dr Ismail AlFaleh (SASO-NMCC)
  • Dr Miltiadis Anagnostou (EMI)
  • Dr Klaus Anhalt (PTB)
  • Dr Daniel Cardenas-Garcia (CENAM)
  • Dr Dolores Del Campo (CEM)
  • Dr Efrem Kebede Ejigu (NMISA)
  • Dr Ferruccio Girard (INRIM)
  • Dr Boris Khlevnoy (VNIIOFI)
  • Dr Xiaofeng Lu (NIM)
  • Dr Maria Jose Martin Fernandez (CEM)
  • Dr Mikhail Matveyev (VNIIM)
  • Dr Andrea Merlone (INRIM)
  • Dr Christian Monte (PTB)
  • Dr Ingmar Mueller (PTB)
  • Dr Humbet Nasibli (UME)
  • Dr Igor Pusnik (MIRS/UL-FE/LMK)
  • Dr Klaus Quelhas (INMETRO)
  • Dr Mohamed Sadli (LNE-LCM/Cnam)
  • Dr Naohiko Sasijima (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Peter Saunders (MSL)
  • Dr Yuri Sild (VNIIM)
  • Dr Andrew D. Todd (NRC)
  • Dr Eric van der Ham (NMIA)
  • Dr Li Wang (NMC, A*STAR)
  • Dr Yongshim Yoo (KRISS)
  • Dr Howard Yoon (NIST)
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