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CCT Task Group for Guides on Thermometry (CCT-TG-GoTh)

Terms of reference

To promote good thermometry practice and traceability to the SI by preparing and publishing guides on thermometry, with a focus on secondary thermometry. The guides should include techniques, thermometers, instrumentation, and uncertainty analyses for traceable temperature measurements.


    Revise and replace the BIPM publication Techniques for Approximating the ITS-90 (the bluebook).

    Create a database on temperatures and uncertainties for secondary fixed points.


  • Dr Rod White  (MSL)


  • Dr Dolores Del Campo (CEM)
  • Dr Stanislav Duriš (SMU)
  • Dr Frank Edler (PTB)
  • Dr Maria Eduarda Filipe (IPQ)
  • Dr Martti Heinonen (MIKES)
  • Mr Luigi Iacomini (INRIM)
  • Ms Alina Ivanova (VNIIM)
  • Dr Ferdouse Jahan (NMIA)
  • Dr Murat Kalemci (UME)
  • Dr Yong-Gyoo Kim (KRISS)
  • Dr Jonathan Pearce (NPL)
  • Dr Jianping Sun (NIM)
  • Dr Jun Tamba (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Weston Tew (NIST)
  • Co-opted members and observers:
    Dr D. Zvizdic (HMI/FSB-LPM)
    Dr H. Ogura (NMIJ/AIST)
    Dr P. Bloembergen (NIM)
    Dr K. Garrity (NIST)
    Dr C. Meyer (NIST)
    Dr K. Yamazava (NMIJ/AIST)
    Dr S. Rudtsch (PTB)
    Dr P. Pavlasek (SMU)
    Dr F. Pavese (Italy)
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