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CCT Task Group for Emerging Technologies (CCT-TG-CTh-ET)

Terms of reference and tasks

The terms of reference of the CCT TG-CTh-ET are to identify, study and advise the CCT on matters related to the areas of emerging technologies.


  • Review the field and report to the CCT on various emergent technologies for contact thermometry devices and measurement techniques;

  • Review and report on published data from various emergent technologies including a comparative study of the advantages, limitations, materials, and temperature ranges;

  • Review and report on the potential of some of these emergent technologies for primary thermometry.


  • Dr Zeeshan Ahmed  (NIST)


  • Dr Stéphane Briaudeau (LNE-INM/Cnam)
  • Dr Dolores Del Campo (CEM)
  • Dr Efrem Kebede Ejigu (NMISA)
  • Dr Vito Fernicola (INRIM)
  • Dr Victor Fuksov (VNIIM)
  • Dr Martti Heinonen (MIKES)
  • Dr Murat Kalemci (UME)
  • Ing. Tomas Kopunec (SMU)
  • Dr Sergey Osadchiy (VNIIFTRI)
  • Dr Andrea Peruzzi (VSL)
  • Dr Jifeng Qu (NIM)
  • Dr Steffen Rudtsch (PTB)
  • Dr Andrew D. Todd (NRC)
  • Dr Chiharu Urano (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Eric van der Ham (NMIA)
  • Dr Li Wang (NMC, A*STAR)
  • Prof. Davor Zvizdic (FSB-LPM)

  CCT: Upcoming meetings
23–24 March 2020: CCT Working and Task group meetings
24–25 March 2020: 29th meeting of the CCT

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