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     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCPR WG-SP Task Group 12: Discussion Forum on Use of White LED Sources for Photometry

Terms of reference

    To be developed in consultation with TG-12 members (see WG-SP 2015 Minutes,AP-2016-7: TG12 Chair (Tatsuya Zama) to carry out a survey of activity in NMIs and to identify priorities for future work of the TG, including the possibility of joint TC with CIE Division 2.)


  • Dr Tatsuya Zama  (NMIJ/AIST)


  • Dr Peter Blattner (METAS)
  • Dr Jimmy Dubard (LNE)
  • Prof. Erkki Ikonen (MIKES)
  • Dr Dong-Hoon Lee (KRISS)
  • Mrs Alicia Pons (IO-CSIC)
  • Dr Armin Sperling (PTB)
  • Dr Steven van den Berg (VSL)
  • Dr Hsueh-Ling Yu (CMS/ITRI)
  • Dr Yuqin Zong (NIST)
  • Dr Joanne Zwinkels (NRC)

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9–13 May 2022: 25th meeting of the CCPR and related meetings

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