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The TG "CMC structure for fibre optics" is created under the umbrella of the CCPR WG-CMC and reports to that WG.

The objective of the CCPR-WG-CMC Task Group 4 is:

    to recommend an update of the service category structure of the field of "Fibre Optics" within classification of services in photometry and radiometry;
    to liaise with CCPR WG-SP TG6 "Discussion Forum on Fibre Optics", in particular with respect to the identification of new measurements needs of the fiber optics community and its impact on the service category structure.


  • Dr Jacques Morel  (METAS)


  • Mr Mohd Nizam Abdullah (NMIM)
  • Dr Kuniaki Amemiya (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Pedro Corredera Guillen (IO-CSIC)
  • Dr Jimmy Dubard (LNE)
  • Prof. Dr Stefan Kück (PTB)
  • Dr John Lehman (NIST)
  • Mr Aleksei Mityurev (VNIIOFI)
  • Dr Kanokwan Nontapot (NIMT)
  • Dr Zeus Ruiz (CENAM)
  • Dr Ferhat Sametoglu (UME)
  • Dr Jing Zhang (NMC, A*STAR)

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