– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCM Working Group on Strategy and MRA Coordination (CCM-WGS)

Terms of reference (Draft)

The terms of reference of CCM-WGS are:

    To prepare the CCM strategy and advise the CCM on the programme of work of the BIPM;

    To improve the operational efficiency and the impact of the CCM (structure of the WGs, reporting, action plan, membership, cost related to KCs, CMC simplification...);

    To coordinate the work of all CCM WG chairs;

    To advise the CCM President on all general, scientific and strategic issues relevant for the CCM;

    To establish links with the TC-M and TC-FF RMO chairs;

    To review KC and CMC horizontal and global issues at the CCM level;

    To comment and provide editorial control of final SC reports.


  • Dr Philippe Richard  (METAS)


  • CCM President
  • Chairs of CCM Working Groups
  • CCM Executive Secretary
  • Relevant RMO TC Chairs are invited

  CCM: Upcoming meetings
16–17 May 2019: 17th meeting of the CCM

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