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CCM Working Group on Gravimetry (CCM-WGG)

Terms of reference (Draft)

The terms of reference of CCM-WGG are:

    To propose key comparisons to the CCM;

    To maintain contact with international organizations and stakeholders active in gravimetry;

    To support stakeholders to ensure and promote the traceability of gravimetry to the SI;

    To follow the main research activities in gravimetry.


  • BEV (Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen)
  • BGI (Bureau Gravimetrique International)
  • BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures)
  • FGI (Finnish Geospatial Research Institute)
  • INRIM (Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica)
  • KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science)
  • LGUL (Faculté des Sciences, de la Technologie et de la Communication)
  • LNE-SYRTE (Observatoire de Paris/Systèmes de Référence Temps-Espace)
  • METAS (Federal Institute of Metrology METAS)
  • NIM (National Institute of Metrology)
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • NMIJ/AIST (National Metrology Institute of Japan, AIST)
  • NPL (National Physical Laboratory)
  • NRC (National Research Council of Canada)
  • SASO-NMCC (Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality)
  • UME (National Metrology Institute of Turkey)
  • VNIIM (D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology)
  • VUGTK (Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography)

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16–17 May 2019: 17th meeting of the CCM

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