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CCL Working Group on Dimensional Nanometrology (CCL-WG-N)

At its meeting in September 2012 the CCL approved the following terms of reference for the CCL/CCTF FSWG:

  1. To serve as a forum in which NMI experts in dimensional nanometrology can share their experiences, discuss standardization needs, and identify developing trends and traceability needs in dimensional nanometrology.

  2. To promote and rationalize the research into dimensional nanometrology, looking for improving calibration and measurement services within NMIs, so offering new accurate and traceable services as demanded by R&D Institutions, Industry and other Stakeholders.

  3. To coordinate (in cooperation with the WG-MRA) the completion of previously agreed-upon pilot studies, supplementary, and key comparisons in dimensional nanometrology.

  4. To serve as a discussion and development forum for new comparison proposals in dimensional nanometrology and to make recommendations to the CCL when new comparisons are needed.

  5. To serve as a CCL nanometrology contact point for relationships with other CCs and organizations outside the CCL.


  • Dr Ronald Dixson  (NIST)


  • Specialists from Member NMIs

  CCL: Upcoming meetings
11–15 June 2018: 17th meeting of the CCL and related meetings

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