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DG1: CCL Discussion Group on Gauge Blocks

The terms of reference of DG1 are:

  • to advise the CCL on matters relating to end standards, including gauge blocks, length bars and step gauges;

  • to advise the CCL on matters related to interferometry with mise en pratique (laser) wavelengths, including the effects of the index of refraction of air;

  • to produce a working document on principal uncertainty components in end standards metrology; and

  • to harmonize the terms and definitions related to end standards metrology.


  • Prof. Andrew Lewis  (NPL)


  • Ms Asli Akgoz (UME)
  • Ms Sheryl Bailey (NPL)
  • Dr Alessandro Balsamo (INRIM)
  • Dr Rob H. Bergmans (VSL)
  • Dr Youichi Bitou (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Jennifer Decker (NRC)
  • Dr Pierre Dubé (NRC)
  • Mr Frantisek Dvorácek (CMI)
  • Dr Roman Fíra (SMU)
  • Mr Ricardo França (INMETRO)
  • Ms Liliana Gaidamaviciute (VMC)
  • Mr Rory Hanrahan (NSAI NML)
  • Dr Björn Hemming (MIKES)
  • Dr Jan Herrmann (NMIA)
  • Dr Akiko Hirai (NMIJ/AIST)
  • Dr Eleanor Howick (MSL)
  • Prof. Dr Chu-Shik Kang (KRISS)
  • Dr Helge Karlsson (JV)
  • Dr Alexander N. Korolev (VNIIM)
  • Mr Oelof Kruger (NMISA)
  • Dr Antti Lassila (MIKES)
  • Dr Ian D. Leroux (NRC)
  • Dr Michael Matus (BEV)
  • Dr Gian Bartolo Picotto (INRIM)
  • Dr Emilio Prieto Esteban (CEM)
  • Mr Zbigniew Ramotowski (GUM)
  • Mr Greg Reain (NRC)
  • Mr Joaquin Rodriguez (CEM)
  • Dr Damla Sendogdu (UME)
  • Mr Eric Stanfield (NIST)
  • Mr John R. Stoup (NIST)
  • Dr Siew Leng Tan (NMC, A*STAR)
  • Dr Rudolf Thalmann (METAS)
  • Dr Miguel Ramón Viliesid Alsonso (CENAM)
  • Dr Shihua Wang (NMC, A*STAR)
  • Dr Tanfer Yandayan (UME)
  • Mr Xudong Zhang (NIM)
  • QAFCC (Qatar Armed Forces Calibration Centre)

  CCL: Upcoming meetings
25–28 October 2021: 18th meeting of the CCL and related meetings

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