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CCQM Working Group on Bioanalysis (BAWG)

In 2015 BAWG was restructured into the following three Working Groups:

These BAWG pages are maintained as archive material.

Chair:  Mrs H. Parkes, LGC


  1. To carry out Key Comparisons and where necessary pilot studies, to critically evaluate and benchmark NMI/DI claimed competences for measurement standards and capabilities for bioanalysis (bioanalysis covers large macromolecules and biomolecular entities – where the target species (analyte) is of biological origin (including, but not limited to, genes, proteins, cells) in a biological measurement context; biomeasurement includes, but is not limited to, the identification and quantification of macromolecules and cells in complex matrices and mixtures relevant for functional activity).

  2. To identify and establish inter‐laboratory work and pilot studies to enable the global comparability of bioanalytical measurement results through reference measurement systems of the highest possible metrological order with traceability to the SI, where feasible, or to other internationally agreed units, in response to the demands of end users.

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