– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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The role of the Consultative Committees

Over the years, the CIPM has set up a number of Consultative Committees, which bring together the world's experts in their specified fields as advisers on scientific and technical matters. Among the tasks of these Consultative Committees are the detailed consideration of advances in physics that directly influence metrology, the preparation of Recommendations for discussion at the CIPM, the identification, planning and execution of key comparisons of national measurement standards, and the provision of advice to the CIPM on the scientific work in the laboratories of the BIPM.

The CCs have the responsibility:

  • to advise the CIPM on all scientific matters that influence metrology, including any BIPM scientific programme activities in the field covered by the CC;
  • to establish global compatibility of measurements through promoting traceability to the SI, and where traceability to the SI is not yet feasible, to other internationally agreed references (for example, hardness scales and reference standards established by the WHO);
  • to contribute to the establishment of a globally recognized system of national measurement standards, methods and facilities;
  • to contribute to the implementation and maintenance of the CIPM MRA;
  • to review and advise the CIPM on the uncertainties of the BIPM's calibration and measurements services as published on the BIPM website;
  • to act as a forum for the exchange of information about the activities of the CC members and observers; and
  • to create opportunities for collaboration.

The Consultative Committees meet at irregular intervals. The president of each Committee is appointed by, and is normally a member of, the CIPM. The Members (institutions and other bodies) of the Consultative Committees are agreed by the CIPM, and Members then send delegates of their choice.