– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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Consultative Committee for Units (CCU)
President:    Prof. J. Ullrich
President of the PTB, Vice-President of the CIPM
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Executive Secretary:    Dr E. de Mirandés
Bureau international des poids et mesures
  • Centro Español de Metrología [CEM], Madrid
  • Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology [Rosstandart], Moscow
  • Federal Institute of Metrology METAS [METAS], Bern-Wabern
  • Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science [KRISS], Daejeon
  • Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais [LNE], Paris
  • National Institute of Metrology [NIM], Beijing
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST], Gaithersburg
  • National Metrology Institute of Japan, AIST [NMIJ/AIST], Tsukuba
  • National Physical Laboratory [NPL], Teddington
  • National Research Council of Canada [NRC], Ottawa
  • Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt [PTB], Braunschweig
  • Liaison(s):   
  • Commission internationale de l'éclairage [CIE]
  • Committee on Data for Science and Technology [CODATA Task Group on Fundamental Constants]
  • International Astronomical Union [IAU]
  • International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements [ICRU]
  • International Electrotechnical Commission [IEC]
  • International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine [IFCC], Milan
  • International Organization for Standardization [ISO]
  • International Organization of Legal Metrology [OIML], Paris
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry [IUPAC]
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Physics [IUPAP]
  • Personal member(s):   
  • Prof. M. Himbert
  • Dr T.J. Quinn
  • Honorary member(s):   • Prof. I.M. Mills, OBE FRS

      The Director of the BIPM is a member, ex officio, of all Consultative Committees.

    The general criteria for membership of a Consultative Committee do not apply to the Consultative Committee for Units (CCU), which has a different mission from that of the other Consultative Committees.

    In 2009 the CIPM approved the following criteria for membership of the CCU:

    1. The CCU seeks the active participation of:

      • International Unions1, International Commissions or Committees2, and other Intergovernmental Organizations or International Bodies3 which have a specific interest in units and which help to implement the recommendations of the CCU approved by the CIPM;

      • up to seven National Metrology Institutes or similar National Institutes4 chosen on the basis of expertise and coverage of a number of the world languages for which the CCU formal documentation is translated; and

      • personal members5, who are individuals with a long-term involvement in matters related to units, having actively contributed to publications on units, and having a global view and understanding of science as well as knowledge on the development and functioning of the International System of Units.

    2. Some experts may be invited as guests on an individual one-off basis in order to report on specific developments of technical and research work related to units under discussion.

    3. The CCU has no observers.

    1. Currently IAU, IUPAC, and IUPAP.
    2. Currently CIE, CODATA Task Group on Fundamental Constants, ICRU, and IFCC.
    3. Currently IEC, ISO, and OIML.
    4. Currently CEM, NIM, NIST, NMIJ/AIST, NPL, PTB, and Rosstandart.
    5. Currently M. Himbert and T.J. Quinn.
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