– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCQM workshops

2019 (April) CCQM Workshop on Advances in Metrology in Chemistry and Biology
2018 (Oct.) CCQM-GAWG Workshop on Advancing the State of the Art in Measurement Science
2017 (April) CCQM Strategic Plan 2017-2026 Workshop
2016 (Oct.) GAWG workshop on cutting-edge research for gas metrology
2016 (Oct.) Standards and Measurements for Clean Air
2016 (Sept.) BIPM-WADA Symposium on Standards and Metrology in support of Anti-Doping Analysis username and password required
2015 (April) CCQM-GAWG Particulate Workshop username and password required
2013 (June) BIPM-IAEA Workshop on Carbon Dioxide and Methane Stable Isotope Gas Standards username and password required
2013 (April) 20 Years of the CCQM: Progress made, impact provided, lessons learned, and future challenges username and password required
2012 (April) CCQM Workshop "The Redefinition of the Mole - A new era for chemical metrology?" username and password required
2011 (Nov.) EAWG-IAWG-OAWG Joint Technical Workshop username and password required
2011 (April) CCQM Workshop on the Role for Reliable Traceable Microbiological Measurements to Ensure Food Quality and Safety username and password required
2010 (Nov.) Workshop on the CCQM-K74 and -P110 comparisons: NO2 in nitrogen username and password required
2010 (April) CCQM Workshop on Forensics username and password required
2009 (Nov.) CCQM Workshop on the KCRV and DoEs username and password required
2009 (April) CCQM Workshop on the Frontiers of Traceability in Chem/Bio Measurement username and password required
2008 (Dec.) CCQM Pharma & Bio-pharma Workshop 2008 username and password required
2008 (April) CCQM 2008 Workshop: 15 years of CCQM, achievements and challenges username and password required
2007 (Oct.) CCQM Workshop on Gas metrology to support measurements of the atmosphere and of ambient air quality username and password required
2007 (April ) CCQM Workshop on KCRV calculations and their uncertainties username and password required
2006 (Nov.) International Symposium on Certified Reference Materials for Quality of Life username and password required
2006 (July) CCQM-GAWG Workshop: Spectroscopy as a Potential Primary Method for Gas Analysis username and password required
2005 (April) CCQM-P28 Workshop: Ozone ambient level username and password required
2005 (April) CCQM Workshop on higher-order measurement methods for physiologically significant molecules username and password required
2005 (Sept.) Reference Measurement Systems for Food Analysis – CCQM Focus Group Meeting username and password required