– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCQM working groups

The CCQM has currently ten working groups and an ad hoc working group. Access to their working documents is restricted to working group members.

Established Working Groups

With the exception of the KCWG and the SPWG the established working groups all have the following common responsibilities:

  1. to foster the establishment of global comparability of chemical and biological measurement results in their field of expertise by organizing comparisons and developing appropriate measurement methods and procedures in support of claimed capabilities and competences;
  2. to provide input into the development of a CCQM strategic plan and develop and maintain a work plan consistent with the strategic plan adopted by the CCQM;
  3. to evaluate new measurement technologies for their use in the value assignment of measurement standards
  4. to interface with other CCQM WGs and international stakeholder organizations working on measurands covered by the working group;
  5. to support the RMOs in the critical evaluation of calibration and measurement capabilities of NMIs to be entered into Appendix C of the CIPM MRA.
  CCQM Working Group on Cell Analysis (CCQM-CAWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Electrochemical Analysis (CCQM-EAWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Gas Analysis (CCQM-GAWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Inorganic Analysis (CCQM-IAWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Isotope Ratios (CCQM-IRWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Key Comparisons and CMC Quality (CCQM-KCWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Nucleic Acid Analysis (CCQM-NAWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Organic Analysis (CCQM-OAWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Protein Analysis (CCQM-PAWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Surface Analysis (CCQM-SAWG)
  CCQM Strategic Planning Working Group (CCQM-SPWG)
  CCQM Working Group on Bioanalysis (CCQM-BAWG) - CLOSED IN 2015

ad hoc Working Groups

  CCQM ad hoc Working Group on the Mole
  ad hoc Steering Group on Microbial Measurements (CCQM-MBSG) - CLOSED IN 2016