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CCL key comparison portfolio

At its 13th meeting (2007) the CCL approved the following list of key comparisons in dimensional metrology proposed by the WGDM:

K11 National standards of length (mise en pratique stabilized lasers: former BIPM.L-K11) CCL-K11
K1 Gauge blocks up to 500 mm (including also former K2) CCL-K1
K3 Angle standards (polygons and angle blocks) CCL-K3
K4 Cylindrical diameter standards CCL-K4.a
K5 Step gauge CCL-K5
K7 Line scales  
K8 Surface texture standards  

CCL-K6 (2-dimensional CMM artifacts) will not be continued. K7 and K8 are recognized as being principal techniques relevant for customer services and have therefore been added to the list of CCL key comparisons.