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DimVIM: Multilingual CMC classification scheme

The CCL has approved a CMC classification scheme for length services, generally referred to as the DimVIM:

CCL Length Services Classification (DimVIM)

Managed by: Michael Matus (BEV)

The DimVIM is available for download in a number of languages as given below:

English Andrew Lewis (NPL)
Chinese Weinong Wang (NIM)
Czech Petr Balling and Petr Kren (CMI)
German Ruedi Thalmann (METAS)
Finnish Antti Lassila (MIKES)
French Jose Salgado (LNE)
Greek Christos Bandis (EIM)
Italian Alessandro Balsamo (INRIM)
Japanese Makoto Abe (AIST/NMIJ)
Korean Chu-Shik Kang (KRISS)
Portuguese Fernanda Saraiva (IPQ)
Spanish Emilio Prieto (CEM)
Thai Jariya Buajarern (NIMT)
Turkish Tanfer Yandayan (UME)