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CIPM MRA review

The CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM MRA) has matured into a well-recognized pillar of the international quality infrastructure. After a decade and a half of successful operation, a review has been undertaken to ensure the sustainability of the Arrangement for the coming years (see CGPM Resolution 5, 2014).

Outcomes of the review
CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement
Participating laboratories and international organizations
The CIPM MRA database (KCDB)
CIPM MRA documents
Joint Committee of the RMOs and the BIPM (JCRB)

CGPM Resolution 5, 2014
Introduction to CGPM Resolution 5, 2014
Preparatory workshop: 13-14 October 2015

The aim of this workshop was to engage in a broad discussion of the CIPM MRA amongst Directors of National Metrology Institutes, Member State representatives, representatives of RMOs, and other relevant stakeholders. The workshop considered the benefits of the CIPM MRA, as well as establishing views on what works well, and what needs to be improved regarding its implementation. It established a working group under the chairmanship of the CIPM President, with membership determined at the workshop, to conclude the formal review of the implementation and operation of the CIPM MRA.

Workshop documents
Draft agenda
CIPM MRA: Past, present and future
Analysis of participation in comparisons and declared CMCs
Proposed Terms of Reference for the Working Group on the Implementation and Operation of the CIPM MRA
Workshop presentations

 Documents submitted before the Workshop: