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Attendance and registration

Delegates of the CGPM

The meeting of the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) is a diplomatic event. Delegates at the meeting of the CGPM represent the Member States of the BIPM and the Associates of the CGPM, and each delegate must therefore be designated by its State as being entitled to represent it and to act on its behalf.

These credentials must be issued by and bear the signature of an authority with power to bind the State, such as the Head of State, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (or the head of the competent diplomatic mission) or the Minister responsible for the questions discussed by the Conference.

The Governments are requested to inform the Director of the BIPM of the composition of their delegation no later than two weeks before the opening of the General Conference meeting, i.e. by 30 October 2018.

For further information, please contact Céline Fellag Ariouet.

Open Session

In the context of the historic revision of the SI, the 26th CGPM will include an Open Session during which there will be a webcast of the keynote lectures and the vote on the Draft Resolution on the revision of the SI.
Please register online.

Application form

Attendance will be confirmed by the BIPM.

Please note that delegates who already have credentials for the Conference do not need to register for the Open Session.

Press and Media

To promote the revision of the SI, the Open Session of Friday 16 November 2018 is also open to the press and media.
A press kit is available here.

Press / Media Application form

The official attendance policy for the CGPM meeting can be found here.