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2016 Varenna Metrology School and METAS project

The BIPM and the Italian Physical Society are running a joint Metrology School "Metrology: from physics fundamentals to quality of life" in Varenna (Italy), during the summer of 2016. There are opportunities for a limited number of sponsored participants from BIPM Member States or Associates that have emerging metrology systems. Award winners will combine their attendance at the Metrology School with a short (two- to six-week) placement at METAS, the Swiss NMI, to pursue a specific metrology topic of interest. The grant is aimed at young metrologists with strong scientific ability/potential expected to be the high flyers of tomorrow.

  • Application process:
  • The application period has now closed. Award winners have been selected and notified of their placement.

  • Financial support:
  • Successful applicants will receive a grant for travel, course fees and subsistence to cover:

    1. attendance at the Metrology Summer School organized by the BIPM with the Italian Physical Society and held at the International School of Physics Enrico Fermi in Varenna (Italy), and

    2. a short placement (between two and six weeks) at METAS (Switzerland), to pursue a specific metrology project or topic of interest.

  • Programme:

  • Part I: The Metrology School

    The Varenna Metrology School consists of three modules:

    • "Metrology for the Quality of Life" (optional) addressing:
      • Metrology in Chemistry, Food and safety, Biomarkers, Methods and materials for clinical measurements, Climate and air quality monitoring, Redefinition of the mole
    • "Fundamentals of Metrology" (core and mandatory) addressing:
      • The New International System of Units, Fundamental constants, Quantum Metrology, Nanotechnology for Metrology, Measurement uncertainty, International metrology organization
    • "Physical Metrology and the Fundamental Constants" (optional) addressing:
      • Electrical Metrology, The Future of the Mass standard, Temperature standard and mise en pratique, Optical Frequency standards, Metrology in Space, Light metrology

    Award winners must attend the core module and one or both of the optional modules.

    Up-to-date information on the Metrology School programme is maintained at:


    Part II: The METAS placement

    This is a short placement (between two and six weeks) at METAS, to pursue a specific metrology project or topic of interest. This could, for example, be to learn about using a particular piece of measurement equipment, and/or apply a specific measurement technique used by METAS, or work on a joint metrology project/activity.

  • Course dates:
    • "Metrology for the Quality of Life" (optional): 27-29 June 2016
    • "Fundamentals of Metrology" (core and mandatory): 30 June-2 July
    • "Physical Metrology and the Fundamental Constants" (optional): 4-6 July
    • The placement at METAS is expected to immediately follow the metrology school, but in exceptional circumstances it may precede the course.

  • Sponsor:
    • METAS is providing funding for both the Metrology School and the METAS placement.
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