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2017 APMP-DEC "Leadership training"

APMP-DEC "Leadership training" is designed to provide new or future leaders of APMP-DEC NMIs, including new TC Chairs and Chair-elect depending on availability of places and who have shown potential for leadership, with the skills, knowledge and tools to help them participate in the mechanisms of the CIPM MRA.

The training will provide participants with a better understanding of the role of international organizations and will enable them to be highly effective in their involvement in the CIPM MRA relating to comparisons, the CMC review process, use of the KCDB, strategic plan and focus groups, by combining theoretical and practical perspectives and bringing important personal contributions to the further development to their country.

In the Results-Based Management session, the structured "log-frame" tools will be used to plan projects that could be implemented in the participants' countries. This session will introduce a method that can be applied to help define a country's needs and set priorities in metrology.

  • Course documents:

  • Course dates and venue:
    • 4-8 December 2017, at NIMT, Thailand.

  • Application process:
    • The application period for the course has now closed.
      For questions or further information please contact APMP.

  • Programme highlights:
    • Global quality infrastructure and role of metrology
    • The Metre Convention and the BIPM
    • CIPM MRA: mechanisms, outcomes and benefits
    • APMP structure, functions and capacity building
    • Roles of DIs within the CIPM MRA: APMP perspective
    • Roles and responsibilities in the comparison/CMC process
    • CMC review process: interregional and intraregional
    • Guidance on review of CMC files
    • Getting the most from the KCDB, KCDB search engines and accessing KCDB statistics for analysis
    • Strategic plan and focus group
    • Results-based management and case studies

  • Project outputs:
    • Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the CIPM MRA requirements, comparisons, CMC review process, use of the KCDB, strategic plan and focus groups, and the role of international organizations.
    • Participants will gain practical experience through results-based management session.
    • Participants will be able to use the knowledge they gain from the training to further develop their metrology systems.

  • Support/Sponsor:
    • Financial support by APMP, APMP-DEC and MEDEA

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