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Small organic molecules

    For all applications of organic analysis, which includes areas of critical economic and social importance such as environmental, clinical, pharmaceutical, food safety, primary produce and forensic testing, among many others, pure compounds are the ultimate source of higher-order metrological traceability. Access to pure organic compounds and calibration solutions prepared from these materials, where the analyte mass fraction content has been assigned appropriately, is an essential element in the delivery of reliable, comparable measurements. The standard uncertainty associated with these value assignments establishes the baseline level of uncertainty achievable for any organic measurement procedure.

    The BIPM coordinates an ongoing series of comparisons to support and benchmark NMI technical capabilities for content assignment of pure compounds and calibration solutions. It has established a dedicated laboratory facility to support these activities, which are essential for realizing traceability and high accuracy chemical measurements. The comparisons run by the BIPM are an integral component of the CCQM and the Organic Analysis Working Group (CCQM-OAWG) overall strategy to enable National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) to demonstrate their measurement capabilities in the area of organic analysis, and their basis for metrological traceability.