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qNMR Internal Standards

qNMR Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD)

Any laboratory performing a qNMR experiment to value assign the purity of organic compounds requires well characterized Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) to use as internal standards. Whilst many compounds could be considered as candidates for such CRMs, identifying a minimum suite of standards that would be applicable in the most common solvents for a diverse range of organic compounds provides an efficient and effective means of running a qNMR facility.

The BIPM - NMIJ/AIST research programme has identified a set of seven compounds, shown in the table below, from which at least one would be suitable for use as a CRM in qNMR measurements for the vast majority of potential organic analyte/solvent combinations.

As part of their validation programme the BIPM/NMIJ have cross validated the various qNMR internal standards, enabling Internal Standard Reference Data (ISRD) to be developed for each material. The reference data documents provide guidance on the use and limitations of each Internal Standard Reference Material for qNMR measurements and general recommendations for the design, implementation and treatment of data from a quantitative 1H NMR measurement calibrated using the reference materials.

Document Reference Internal Standard Availability
Rapport BIPM-2018/01 Maleic Acid (MA) [ISRD-01] Download here
Rapport BIPM-2018/04 Dimethyl sulfone (DMSO2) [ISRD-02] Download here
Rapport BIPM-2018/05 Potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) [ISRD-03] Download here
Rapport BIPM-2019/01 Dimethyl terephthalate (DMTP) [ISRD-04] Download here
Rapport BIPM-2019/02 3,5-Bistrifluoromethyl benzoic acid (BTFMBA) [ISRD-05] Download here
Rapport BIPM-2019/03 1,4-Bistrimethylsilylbenzene (BTMSB) [ISRD-06] Download here
Rapport BIPM-2019/04 3-Trimethylsilyl propanesulfonic acid sodium salt-d6 (DSS-d6) [ISRD-07] Download here

Table 1: qNMR internal standard reference data documents

* Insufficiently stable for use as an ISRM in this solvent

Table 2. Characteristics and solubility of a suite of seven qNMR internal standards identified by the BIPM and NMIJ