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Calibration and measurement services: Chemistry

BIPM Chemistry Department
 Complete list of uncertainties for services offered to NMIs by the BIPM in Chemistry

Matrix or
Analyte or
Dissemination range of measurement capability
Amount-of-substance fraction
x(O3) in nmol/mol
Absolute expanded uncertainty
in nmol/mol
synthetic air
0 to 1000
2Q[0.52, 0.0034x(O3), 0.0106x(O3)]

Amount of substance fraction x(O3) in nmol/mol
1) The notation Q[a, b] stands for the root-sum-square of the terms between brackets
2) The claimed uncertainty includes a term coming from the best device under test
Absolute expanded uncertainty (k = 2, level of confidence 95%)
Details on uncertainty budget published in: Viallon J., Moussay P., Norris J.E., Guenther F.R., Wielgosz R., Metrologia, 43, 441-450
Mechanism(s) for measurement service delivery: Calibration Service

Traceability to the SI through the BIPM
Subject area:
What is traceability?
BIPM policy on stating uncertainties
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