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History of the Pavillon de Breteuil

Portrait of the Baron de Breteuil

(© cliché Château de Breteuil, after a copy, by Laurent Mosnier (1743-1808), of the painting of the Baron at the Louvre)
Other pictures
View from the banks of the Seine
Map of the Maison de Gondi
Portrait of Monsieur
Map of the magnificent house of Monsieur
View from the Trianon de Saint-Cloud
Eighteenth century plan
Portrait of the Abbé de Breteuil
Portrait of the Baron de Breteuil
The Pavillon d'Italie
Photo of the damaged Pavillon de Breteuil in 1870
Letter accepting the site in 1875
Plan in 1793
Trianon de Saint-Cloud
View of the Trianon de Saint-Cloud