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Calibration and characterization certificates: Israel
No. 84 1 kg mass standard in stainless steel, T3 INPL, Israel
No. 83 1 kg mass prototype, No. 71 Israel

No. 65 10 000 ohm resistance standard, No. 1914468 INPL, Israel
No. 64 100 ohm resistance standard, No. 242087 INPL, Israel
No. 63 1 ohm resistance standard, No. 755510 INPL, Israel

Note that for Israel, traceability to the BIPM in the field of dosimetry is established though calibrations made for the IAEA.

Study Notes
No. 6 100 pF capacitance standard, No. 3974 INPL, Israel
No. 5 10 pF capacitance standard, No. 3896 INPL, Israel
Traceability to the SI through the BIPM
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