– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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  • BIPM home page:
  • http://www.bipm.org/en/about-us/
  • BIPM metrology portal:
  • http://search.bipm.org/
  • The BIPM key comparison database:
  • http://kcdb.bipm.org/
  • JCTLM database:
  • http://www.bipm.org/jctlm/
  • BIPM-OIML Resource Center:
  • http://www.metrologyinfo.org/
  • IERS Conventions Center:
  • http://tai.bipm.org/iers/

    BIPM: Our work programme
     Organizational structure
    BIPM Capacity Building & Knowledge Transfer Programme
      – 2018 "Effective participation in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)" course
      – EURAMET - BIPM Training on review of quality management systems
      – 2017 APMP-DEC "Leadership training"
      – 2017–2018 "Support for GULFMET key comparison of Zener voltage standards" project
    Our services
     Comparisons piloted by the BIPM
     Calibration and measurement services
     International reference time scales
    Our publications
     SI Brochure: The International System of Units (SI) [8th edition, 2006; updated in 2014]
     Practical realizations of the definitions of some important units
     Director's Reports on the Activity and Management of the BIPM
     Scientific publications
     Guides in Metrology
    BIPM Conference Centre
     Calendar of meetings
     BIPM and co-organized workshops
     Miscellaneous BIPM events
     How to get to the BIPM
    Chingis' future CBKT site
    25th meeting of the CGPM: 18-20 November 2014
      – CMCs: getting them ?right first time?
    News from the BIPM
      – BIPM highlights
      – CBKT programme
      – CIPM MRA
      – Committees
      – Member States and Associates
      – Metrology events
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