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Resolution 12 of the 22nd CGPM (2003)
Version française
Dotation of the BIPM for the years 2005 to 2008

    The 22nd General Conference,


  • the increasing importance of metrology for trade, industry, the environment and human health and safety in all Member States of the Metre Convention,
  • the corresponding need for an efficient, highly expert, international coordination of metrological activities,
  • the central role played by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in such coordination and the services it renders to Member States of the Metre Convention,
  • the broadened responsibilities given to the BIPM at the 21st General Conference in 1999 but without any corresponding increase in dotation,
  • the additional increase in workload, unforeseen at the time of the 21st General Conference, that has also been absorbed by the BIPM since the last General Conference,
  • the extension of the range of work under the Metre Convention now carried out in Member States, notably in areas of chemistry, biotechnology and medicine,
  • the need to extend the range of expertise among the scientific staff of the BIPM to meet demands in these new areas,
  • the considerable efforts that continue to be made by the BIPM to enhance the efficiency of its operation, and its commitment to continue these efforts,
  • recognizing

  • the difficult economic situation now existing in some Member States and the consequent strict limits on direct contributions to intergovernmental organizations,
  • the high importance of the work of the BIPM for all Member States,
  • the need to provide the financial and other means to enable the BIPM to meet the increasing demand placed upon it,
  • invites national metrology institutes (NMIs)

  • to arrange, at their expense, a continuing series of short-term placements or secondments of their staff to the BIPM to work on projects of mutual interest integrated into the BIPM programme,
  • to accept staff of the BIPM to work in their institutes on programmes of mutual interest,
  • to sponsor a permanent programme of Fellowships at the BIPM for suitable staff with a view to establishing four such Fellowships at the BIPM by the end of 2004 on projects of mutual interest to the sponsoring NMI and the BIPM,
  • further invites individual governments, national metrology institutes and international organizations as well as private organizations and foundations to make additional financial contributions or contributions in kind to the BIPM,

    decides that the fixed part of the annual dotation of the BIPM will be increased in such a way that the fixed part and the complementary part (defined by Article 6, 1921) of the Rules annexed to the Metre Convention (1875) shall, for those States that are members of the Metre Convention at the time of the 22nd General Conference, be

    9 587 000euros in 2005
    9 779 000euros in 2006
    9 974 000euros in 2007
    10 174 000euros in 2008,

    further decides to support the increasing workload of the BIPM by an additional discretionary contribution of

    130 000euros in 2005
    132 000euros in 2006
    136 000euros in 2007
    138 000euros in 2008,

    requests Member States to declare to the BIPM, at the latest by 1 April 2004, their intention to pay for the full four years their share of this discretionary contribution.

Comptes Rendus de la 22e CGPM (2003), 2005, p.383
Metrologia, 2004, 41(1), 99-108

The reader should note that the official version of this Resolution is the French text.

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