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Resolution 10 of the 21st CGPM (1999)
Version française
Metrology in chemistry

    The 21st Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures,

    recalling Resolution 7 of the 20th ConférenceGénérale des Poids et Mesures on metrology in chemistry,


  • the worldwide development of trade agreements under the World Trade Organization,
  • the need to eliminate metrology-related technical barriers to trade particularly in the areas of food science and pharmaceuticals,
  • that many environmental and public health decisions are based on measurements in chemistry,
  • that the development of worldwide traceability is still far from complete for measurements in chemistry,
  • recommends that national metrology institutes

  • continue to initiate and coordinate national activities in the field of metrology in chemistry, in close cooperation with other relevant bodies,
  • in collaboration with the International Committee, work to define the areas of priority and essential international comparisons which are key to the traceability of measurements in chemistry, both worldwide and within regions.

Comptes Rendus de la 21e CGPM (1999), 2001, p.333
Metrologia, 2000, 37(1), 87-98

The reader should note that the official version of this Resolution is the French text.

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