– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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PARTNERS working documents (Open access)
  2017_October (Directors)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
PARTNERS/2017-01Draft Agenda of the 19th meeting of NMI Directors and Member States Representatives2017/10/10PDF
206 kbytes
PARTNERS/2017-02BIPM Strategic Plan (2018) - Draft for Consultation (v.6)BIPM2017/08/07PDF
385 kbytes
PARTNERS/2017-03Timeline for development and agreement of the BIPM Strategy and Work Programme for the 26th CGPM (2018)BIPM2017/09/07PDF
99 kbytes
PARTNERS/2017-04The impact of Public Support for Innovation on firm outcomes NPL2017/10/06PDF
2588 kbytes
PARTNERS/2017-05Impact Analysis and Evaluation at NPLNPL2017/10/06PDF
387 kbytes
PARTNERS/2017-06The Impact of Public Support for Innovation on Firm Level OutcomesNPL2017/10/06PDF
112 kbytes
PARTNERS/2017-07Metrology for the digitalization of the economy and the societyPTB2017/10/09PDF
651 kbytes
PARTNERS/2017-08Summary of the BIPM Workshop on ?The Quantum Revolution in Metrology?C. Williams, NIST2017/10/09PDF
105 kbytes
PARTNERS/2017-09Workshop on Confidence in the use of Data - InformationM. Sené2017/10/19PDF
330 kbytes
2017_October (Directors)
2016_October (Directors)
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