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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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JCTLM working documents (Open access)
  JCTLM: December_2017
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
JCTLM-17/002017 Workshop Programme2017/12/12PDF
410 kbytes
JCTLM-17/01Welcome and introduction to the BIPMJames McLaren2017/12/12PDF
1864 kbytes
JCTLM-17/02JCTLM Update: Organization and Achievements Gary Myers2017/12/12PDF
1610 kbytes
JCTLM-17/03The JCTLM database: developments and statusRobert Wielgosz2017/12/12PDF
1469 kbytes
JCTLM-17/04TEP WG update: DefinitionsRobert Wielgosz2017/12/12PDF
817 kbytes
JCTLM-17/05TEP WG update : Resources to explain scientific conceptsElvar Theodorsson2017/12/12PDF
757 kbytes
JCTLM-17/06TEP WG update: Meetings, publicity and promotionGraham Beastall2017/12/12PDF
1179 kbytes
JCTLM-17/07Why traceability matters to patients?Graham Jones2017/12/12PDF
8163 kbytes
JCTLM-17/08Why traceability is important to EQA providers?Piet Meijer2017/12/12PDF
745 kbytes
JCTLM-17/09How WEQAS ensure traceability in EQA and stress its importance to users?David Ducroq2017/12/12PDF
963 kbytes
JCTLM-17/10How ProgBA ensure traceability in EQA and stress its importance to users?Silvia Quiroga2017/12/12PDF
1214 kbytes
JCTLM-17/11How RCPAQAP ensure traceability in EQA and stress its importance to users?Tony Badrick2017/02/28PDF
1713 kbytes
JCTLM-17/12International EQA surveys for calibration laboratoriesAnja Kessler2017/12/12PDF
5081 kbytes
JCTLM-17/13Traceability and the IVD Industry: The Manufacturer s RoleGraham Beastall, David Armburster2017/12/12PDF
919 kbytes
JCTLM-17/14ISO 17511:2003 - Traceability of values assigned to IVD calibrators and controls: a progress report on revisions underway in ISO/TC212Neil Greenberg2017/12/12PDF
493 kbytes
JCTLM-17/16Potential clinical applications of biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseaseSergio Bernardini2017/12/14PDF
3938 kbytes
JCTLM-17/17Preanalytical and analytical aspects of CSF biomarker assaysArmand Perret-Liaudet2017/12/12Other
13930 kbytes
JCTLM-17/18Reference method for b-amyloid in CSFJosef Pannee 2017/12/12PDF
5677 kbytes
JCTLM-17/19Role of metals and metal containing biomolecules in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer?s diseaseClaudia Swart 2017/12/14PDF
1337 kbytes
JCTLM-17/21LCMS methods and traceability of CSF biomarker measurementsChiara Giangrande2017/12/12PDF
1748 kbytes
JCTLM-17/23EQAs in microbiology and standardization of MRSA testingParviz Ahmad-Nejad2017/12/14PDF
2762 kbytes
JCTLM-17/24New developments in the Standardisation of Gene Amplification Techniques (SoGAT) Neil Almond2017/12/12PDF
492 kbytes
JCTLM-17/25The national infrastructure for traceability in laboratory medicine in China Hongmei Li2017/12/12PDF
2157 kbytes
JCTLM-17/26Standardization of multiple serum apolipoproteins using bottom-up quantitative proteomics on behalf of the IFCC Scientific Division WG-APO MSChrista Cobbaert2017/12/12PDF
2850 kbytes
JCTLM-17/27 HbA1c measurement by IDMS - current situation and future development Qinde Liu2017/12/12PDF
1149 kbytes
JCTLM-17/28Certified reference materials for ensuring traceability: From experience with steroids and peptidesAkiko Takatsu2017/12/12PDF
2822 kbytes
JCTLM-17/29Certified Reference Materials for Prenatal and Neonatal Testing Ji-Seon Jeong2017/12/12PDF
2401 kbytes
JCTLM-17/30Providing traceability for protein biomarkers Karen Phinney2017/12/12PDF
2060 kbytes
JCTLM-17/31Challenges of implementing JCTLM methods in the routine Clinical Laboratories Ravinder Singh2017/12/12PDF
4685 kbytes
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