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CODATA-TGFC presentations (Open access)
  2015-02 (Eltville)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CODATA-TGFC/15-01Conference programS. Karshenboim2015/07/16PDF
101 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-02Conference summary informationS. Karshenboim2015/07/16PDF
30 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-03Proton charge radius extracted from unpolarized electron scatteringJ. Arrington2015/07/16PDF
2717 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-04Proton polarisability contribution to the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogenM. Birse2015/07/16PDF
269 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-05Determination of the fine structure constant with atom interferometryP. Cladé2015/07/16PDF
2393 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-06Reflections on the NPL-2013 estimate of the Boltzmann constantM. de Podesta2015/07/16PDF
5696 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-07The METAS watt balance Mark II: progress reportA. Eichenberger2015/07/16PDF
2850 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-08The international temperature scale and the new definition of the KelvinJ. Fischer2015/07/16PDF
5096 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-09Progress in the determination of the Boltzmann constant with dielectric-constant gas thermometryC. Gaiser2015/07/16PDF
2582 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-10A determination of the molar gas constant R (and the Boltzmann constant k) by acoustic thermometry in heliumR. M. Gavioso2015/07/16PDF
1534 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-11Spectroscopic determination of the Boltzmann constantL. Gianfrani2015/07/16PDF
7429 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-12New precise measurement of the hyperfine splitting of positroniumA. Ishida2015/07/16PDF
1192 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-13Theory of the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogenS. Karshenboim2015/07/16PDF
3944 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-14Ro-vibrational spectroscopy of the hydrogen molecular ion and antiprotonic heliumV. I. Korobov2015/07/16PDF
745 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-15Nuclear parameters from precision measurements with ISOLTRAPS. Kreim2015/07/16PDF
4828 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-16Investigating nuclear properties at TRIUMFA. A. Kwiatkowski2015/07/16PDF
5557 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-17Determination of the fine structure constant from photon recoil frequencyS. Lan2015/07/16PDF
1666 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-18Measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of muon at FermilabI. Logashenko2015/07/16PDF
3466 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-19HVP contribution to muon (g-2) and recent results from VEPP-2000I. Logashenko2015/07/16PDF
4255 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-20Recent progress in determining gravitational constant G at HUSTJ. Luo2015/07/16PDF
4911 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-21Lattice parameter measurement for the determination of the Avogadro constantE. Massa2015/07/16PDF
12990 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-22Fundamental constants and the new SIP. Mohr2015/07/16PDF
10954 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-23The g-factor of the proton and the antiprotonA. Mooser2015/07/16PDF
3891 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-24Codata task group on fundamental constantsD. Newell2015/07/16PDF
8216 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-25QED tenth-order contribution to the electron anomalous magnetic moment and a new value of the fine structure constantM. Nio2015/07/16PDF
6473 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-26Measuring the electron and positron magnetic moments to test the standards model´s most precise predictionE. Novitski2015/08/24PDF
17532 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-27Electrical determinations of the fine structure constant and impact on the SIF. Piquemal2015/07/16PDF
3008 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-28Muonic hydrogen and the proton radius puzzleR. Pohl2015/07/16PDF
5359 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-29Improved determination of the electron mass in atomic mass unitsW. Quint2015/07/16PDF
5616 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-30Newton´s gravitational constant, big G. A proposed free fall measurementC. Rothleimer2015/07/16PDF
1741 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-31Determination of the Planck constant at the national institute of standards and technologyS. Schlamminger2015/07/16PDF
5928 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-32g factor of highly charged ionsV. Shabaev2015/07/16PDF
563 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-33Electron scattering from light nucleiI. Sick2015/07/16PDF
529 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-34The value of the gravitational constant, GC. Speake2015/07/16PDF
25844 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-35Nuclear moments: recent tabulations, techniques and physics of magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole momentsN. J. Stone2015/07/16PDF
1325 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-36Hadronic corrections to (g-2); status update of the Mainz workshopM. Vanderhaeghen2015/08/24PDF
36117 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-37The NRC watt balance Planck constant determinationB. Wood2015/07/16PDF
2463 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-38Comparison between the mass spectrometer and speed-of-sound measurements of M(Ar) for the k determinationI. Yang2015/07/16PDF
1362 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-39On the status of the two-loop self-energy calculationsV. A. Yerokhin2015/07/16PDF
538 kbytes
CODATA-TGFC/15-40Fine and hyperfine structure of helium atomV. A. Yerokhin2015/07/16PDF
1222 kbytes
2015-02 (Eltville)
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