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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCU working documents (Open access)
  23rd meeting (2017)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCU/17-00_03Recommendation U1 from the CCU to the CIPM on the revision of the SICCU2017/09/14PDF
232 kbytes
CCU/17-00_04French version of the CCU recommendation U1 to the CIPMCCU2017/09/29PDF
22 kbytes
CCU/17-00_05Agreed wording of the definition of the mole in the revised SICCQM-CCU2017/09/12PPT
11850 kbytes
CCU/17-00_06Minutes of the 23rd meeting of the CCURichard Brown2018/01/13PDF
673 kbytes
CCU/17-00_07_03Draft 9th SI Brochure (clean pdf version)CCU2018/02/06PDF
701 kbytes
CCU/17-00_08_03Concise summary of the 9th SI Brochure (clean pdf version)CCU2018/02/06PDF
221 kbytes
CCU/17-00_09_02Draft Resolution 1 to be submitted to the 26th CGPM (clean pdf version)CCU2018/02/08PDF
67 kbytes
CCU/17-00_09_04Draft Resolution 1 to be submitted to the 26th CGPM (clean french pdf version)2018/02/08PDF
96 kbytes
CCU/17-00_10Joint statement prepared in 2017 by the Consultative Committees on the proposed revision of the SIConsultative Committees2017/11/14PDF
81 kbytes
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