– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCTF working documents (Open access)
  22nd-1 (2020 first session online)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCTF/20-00letter from the CCTF President to introduce the online surveyN. Dimarcq2020/12/14PDF
220 kbytes
CCTF/20-03Task Force "Roadmap for the redefinion of the second" - introductionN. Dimarcq2020/10/27PDF
612 kbytes
CCTF/20-04Task Force "Roadmap for the redefinion of the second", A - Request from user communities, NMIs, and Liaisons M. Gertsvolf, NRC; G. Mileti UNINE2020/10/27PDF
1105 kbytes
CCTF/20-05Task Force "Roadmap for the redefinion of the second", B- Atomic frequency standards, and possible redefinition approaches S.Bize, OP; E. Peik, PTB; C. Oates, NIST2020/12/11PDF
1520 kbytes
CCTF/20-06Task Force "Roadmap for the redefinion of the second", C - TF Dissemination and time scales D. Calonico, INRIM; T. Ido NICT2020/10/27PDF
365 kbytes
CCTF/20-07Leap second in UTC - building a consensus for a continuous time scaleJ. Levine, NIST; P. Tavella, BIPM2020/10/27PDF
1901 kbytes
CCTF/20-08Promoting the mutual benefit of UTC and GNSSP. Defraigne, ORB; A. Bauch, PTB2020/10/27PDF
1016 kbytes
CCTF/20-09Sharing resources to improve international timekeepingM. Gertsvolf, NRC; Y. Hanado, NICT2020/10/27PDF
2290 kbytes
22nd-1 (2020 first session online)
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