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CCTF working documents (Open access)
  20th meeting (2015)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCTF/15-01Draft agenda (v0.4 of 4/09/2015)L. Erard, F. Arias2015/04/03PDF
15 kbytes
CCTF/15-02Schedule of 20th Meeting of the CCTF and satellite meetings (version 09/02/2015)BIPM2015/04/03PDF
18 kbytes
CCTF/15-03Time and frequency activity at the VNIIFTRIVNIIFTRI - Russia2015/08/18PDF
2193 kbytes
CCTF/15-04Proposed recommendation - Real time realizations UTC(k) disseminated by GNSSVNIIFTRI - Russia2015/08/18PDF
11 kbytes
CCTF/15-05Report to the 20th meeting of the CCTF - INRIM`s time and frequency activitiesINRIM2015/08/18PDF
1285 kbytes
CCTF/15-06BIPM Time metrology Programme of Work for 2016-2019E.F. Arias (BIPM)2015/08/24PDF
972 kbytes
CCTF/15-07First evaluation and frequency measurement of the strontium lattice clock at NIM (publication)Z. Fang et al. (NIM)2015/08/24PDF
647 kbytes
CCTF/15-08Actions for the recognition of the International Terrestrial Reference System and FrameClaude Boucher (IUGG)2015/08/26PDF
335 kbytes
CCTF/15-09The relevant activities of the Central Office of Measurements in the time and frequency domainGUM2015/08/26PDF
149 kbytes
CCTF/15-10Report on PTB`s activities to the 20th Session of the CCTFPTB (Germany)2015/08/26PDF
487 kbytes
CCTF/15-11Report to the 20th Session of the CCTF- WG on GNSS time transferP. Defraigne (ORB)2015/08/28PDF
372 kbytes
CCTF/15-12Report to the 20th Session of the CCTF - Activities of the Working Group on Primary and Secondary Frequency StandardsS. Jefferts (NIST)2015/08/28PDF
84 kbytes
CCTF/15-13Report of Time and Frequency Activities at NICT (2012-2015)NICT2015/08/28PDF
511 kbytes
CCTF/15-14Report of the CCTF WG on algorithms to the 20th session of the CCTFY. Hanado (NICT)2015/09/01PDF
115 kbytes
CCTF/15-15Report of the CCTF WG on the MRAJ.M. López Romero (CENAM)2015/09/04PDF
201 kbytes
CCTF/15-16Report from the NPL to the 20th session of the CCTF, 2015NPL2015/09/04PDF
454 kbytes
CCTF/15-17Report on SASO-NMCC Time and Frequency activities to the 20th meeting of the CCTFSASO2015/09/04PDF
396 kbytes
CCTF/15-18Report on Activities to the 20th meeting of the CCTFSP2015/09/04PDF
95 kbytes
CCTF/15-19Report of UME to the 20th Session of the CCTFUME2015/09/04PDF
589 kbytes
CCTF/15-20Report on relevant MIRS/SIQ time and frequency activitiesR. Lapuh (MIRS)2015/09/04PDF
87 kbytes
CCTF/15-21CCTF2015: Report of the Royal Observatory of BelgiumP. Defraigne (ORB)2015/09/10PDF
360 kbytes
CCTF/15-22Report to the 20th CCTFLNE-SYRTE2015/09/10PDF
617 kbytes
CCTF/15-23Proposed recommendation: On the operation and maintenance of Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer (TWSTFT) networks for international atomic clock and time scale comparisonsCCTF WG TWSTFT2015/09/12PDF
77 kbytes
CCTF/15-24Report to the 20th Meeting of CCTF - Research Activities on Time and Frequency (NMIJ/AIST)NMIJ/AIST2015/09/12PDF
560 kbytes
CCTF/15-25APMP TCTF Report to the 20th Meeting of the CCTFM. Wouters (NMIA)2015/09/14PDF
384 kbytes
CCTF/15-26Proposed recommendation: on the Common generic GNSS time transfer standard (CGGTTS)CCTF WG GNSS2015/09/15PDF
8 kbytes
CCTF/15-27Proposed recommendation: on the BIPM guidelines for calibrationCCTF WG GNSS2015/09/15PDF
75 kbytes
CCTF/15-28Report of VSL activities to the 20th session of the BIPMErik Dierikx (VSL)2015/09/16PDF
356 kbytes
CCTF/15-29Status Report to the 20th meeting of the CCTF on Time and Frequency Activities at KRISSKRISS2015/09/16PDF
300 kbytes
CCTF/15-30Proposed recommendation: On the design of GNSS receiversCCTF WG GNSS2015/09/16PDF
179 kbytes
CCTF/15-31Proposed recommendation: Development of national and international time and frequency links, to improve methods for intercontinental clock comparisons and for dissemination to stakeholdersCCTF WG ATFT2015/09/16PDF
266 kbytes
CCTF/15-32Report of the NRC to the 20th Meeting of the CCTFFrequency and Time Group, Measurement Science and Standards, NRC2015/09/17PDF
109 kbytes
CCTF/15-33Activities report to the 20th Session of the CCTFNIM2015/09/17PDF
387 kbytes
CCTF/15-34Presentation - Report of the CCTF WG PSFSS. Jefferts (NIST), G. Petit (BIPM)2015/09/24PDF
315 kbytes
CCTF/15-35Presentation - Report of the CCL-CCTF WGFSF. Riehle (PTB), P. Gill (NPL)2015/09/24PDF
591 kbytes
CCTF/15-36Presentation - Frequency standards in TAI and realization of TT(BIPM)G. Petit, G. Panfilo (BIPM)2015/09/24PDF
854 kbytes
CCTF/15-37Presentation - Report of the CCTF WG TAIL. Erard2015/09/24PDF
412 kbytes
CCTF/15-38Presentation - Report on the activities of the BIPM TIme DepartmentE.F. Arias (BIPM)2015/09/24PDF
1948 kbytes
CCTF/15-39Presentation - Report of the CCTF WG-AlgoY. Hanado (NICT)2015/09/25PDF
451 kbytes
CCTF/15-40Presentation - Improvements in the algorithms for UTCG. Panfilo (BIPM)2015/09/25PDF
1331 kbytes
CCTF/15-41Presentation - Report on Rapid UTC (UTCr)BIPM, G. Petit 2015/09/25PDF
1115 kbytes
CCTF/15-42Presentation - Report of the CCTF WG TWSTFTD. Piester (PTB)2015/09/25PDF
1220 kbytes
CCTF/15-43Presentation - Report of the CCTF WG GNSS time transferP. Defraigne (ORB)2015/09/25PDF
643 kbytes
CCTF/15-44Presentation - GNSS calibrations for UTC and the new calibration schemeBIPM, G. Petit2015/09/25PDF
1133 kbytes
CCTF/15-45Presentation - Status report of the IGS clock productsM. Coleman (IGS)2015/09/25PDF
3504 kbytes
CCTF/15-46Presentation - Report of the CCTF WG ATFTFeng-Lei Hong (NMIJ, Yokohama National Univ., Japan)2015/09/29PDF
712 kbytes
CCTF/15-47Presentation - Towards Accurate Optical Fibre Time Transfer for UTC GenerationZ. Jiang, E.F. Arias (BIPM)2015/09/29PDF
1820 kbytes
CCTF/15-48Presentation - GNSS processing techniques: review of some topics over recent yearsG. Petit (BIPM)2015/09/29PDF
200 kbytes
CCTF/15-49Presentation - Report of the CCTF WG MRAJ.M. López Romero (CENAM)2015/09/29PDF
449 kbytes
CCTF/15-50Presentation - SIM report to the 20th CCTFM. Lombardi (NIST), M. Lopez (CENAM)2015/09/29PDF
1739 kbytes
CCTF/15-51Presentation - Report of the EURAMET TC Time and FrequencyR. Hamid (UME)2015/09/29PDF
1625 kbytes
CCTF/15-52Presentation - Financial sector engagementL. Lobo (NPL)2015/09/29PDF
716 kbytes
CCTF/15-53Presentation - Time and Frequency Activities at GUM, PolandA. Czubla (GUM)2015/09/29PDF
28499 kbytes
CCTF/15-54Presentation - National Metrology Instirute (UME) of Turke - Time, frequency and wavelength laboratoryR. Hamid (UME)2015/09/29PDF
3683 kbytes
CCTF/15-55Presentation - Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org.SASO2015/09/29PDF
1546 kbytes
CCTF/15-56Presentation - The future of the UTC time scaleR. Beard (ITU-R)2015/09/29PDF
600 kbytes
CCTF/15-57Presentation - IERS Earth Rotation (UT1) DisseminationB. Luzum, C. Bizouard (IERS)2015/09/29PDF
689 kbytes
CCTF/15-58Presentation - Report of the IERS Conventions CentreG. Petit (BIPM), B. Luzum (IERS)2015/09/29PDF
303 kbytes
CCTF/15-59Presentation - Actions for the recognition of the International Terrestrial Reference System and FrameC. Boucher (IUGG)2015/09/29PDF
380 kbytes
CCTF/15-60Presentation - Outcome of the 25th CGPML. Erard2015/09/29PDF
536 kbytes
CCTF/15-61Presentation - Programme of work and budget for 2016-2019 - Time DepartmentE.F. Arias (BIPM)2015/09/29PDF
1277 kbytes
CCTF/15-62Presentation - Report of the CCTF WG SPL. Erard2015/09/29PDF
433 kbytes
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