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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCRI(III) working documents (Open access)
  21st meeting (2015)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCRI(III)/15-00Draft AgendaD. Thomas and V. Gressier2014/12/17PDF
101 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-01Report of SIM labsL. Karam2015/02/12PDF
501 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-02NIM Report to CCRI(III)Zhang Hui2015/02/16PDF
346 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-03CMI Report&Publ. to CCRI(III)Z. Vykydal and M. Kralik2015/02/13PDF
170 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-04CIEMAT-LMRI-LPN Report and Publications to CCRI(III)R. Méndez2015/02/16PDF
220 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-05SIM Report presentationL. Karam2015/02/13PDF
629 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-06NIST Neutron Physics Report&PublicationsMaynard Scott Dewey2015/02/06PDF
258 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-07PTB Progress Report & Publications-CCRI(III)-2015R. Nolte2015/02/18PDF
2182 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-08NPL Recent Developments and Publications in Neutron MetrologyN. Roberts et al2015/02/24PDF
1663 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-09IRMM Neutron Metrology Activities and Publications-2015Stephan Oberstedt2015/02/24PDF
289 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-10CCRI(III)-2015-KRISS-Recent Activities and Publications on neutron standardizationH. Park and J. Kim2015/02/25PDF
885 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-11CCRI(III)-2015-NMIJ/AIST Recent activities and Publications in Neutron StandardizationT. Matsumoto, H. Harano and A. Masuda2015/02/25PDF
502 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-12Report & Publications on Neutron Metrology at the National Research Council CanadaJ.P. Archambault and P.R.B. Saull2015/02/26PDF
141 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-13VNIIM Report&Publications in Neutron MetrologyN. Moiseev and A. Didyk2015/02/27PDF
381 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-14Developments and Publications in neutron metrology at the IRSN in 2013-2014V. Gressier2015/02/20PDF
606 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-15LNE-LNHB Progress Report and Publications for CCRI(III)C. Thiam2015/03/02PDF
43 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-17Report 2013-2015 of the BIPM Ionizing Radiation Department J.M. Los Arcos2015/03/31PDF
4354 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-18Program of Work 2016-2019 of the Ionizing Radiation Department J.M. Los Arcos2015/03/31PDF
721 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-19ANNUAL REPORT of the COOMET Technical Committee 1.9S. Korostin, N. Moiseev2015/03/31PDF
396 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-20Report to the CCRI Section III on the activity carried out at the ENEA-INMRI on neutron measurements in 2013-2015L. Quintieri and P. De Felice2015/03/31PDF
543 kbytes
CCRI(III)/15-21In acknowledgement to Dr David Thomas (NPL), CCRI(III) Chair 2006-2015J.M. Los Arcos2015/03/31PDF
867 kbytes
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