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CCRI(II) working documents (Open access)
  22nd meeting (2013)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCRI(II)/13-03Progress Report on Radioactivity at the VNIIMI.A. Kharitonov and I.V. Alexeev2013/02/28PDF
92 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-04Report of the NIST Radioactivity Group to CCRI Section IIM. P. Unterweger2013/03/06PDF
290 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-05Report of SIM Laboratories to the CCRI 2013L. Karam2013/03/11PDF
479 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-06CCRI(II)-May 2013 Meeting, PresentationM. Sahagia2013/03/13PDF
270 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-07IFIN-LIST OF PUBLICATIONS 2009-2013M. Sahagia2013/03/13PDF
266 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-09Recommendations for SIR comparisonsC. Michotte2013/01/25PDF
72 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-10Report to the 22th Meeting of Section II. June 2011-May 2013E. García-Torańo2013/04/30PDF
238 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-11UPDATE OF CIEMAT_(LMRI) PUBLICATIONS. June 2011-May 2013E. García-Torańo2013/05/02PDF
139 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-12LNMRI-IRD-Radionuclide Report ? 2011/2012C.J. da Silva2013/05/02PDF
181 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-13ANSTO Activity Standards Laboratory Report 2013M. Reinhard2013/05/03PDF
93 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-14Recent Activities in Activity Measurement at the CMIP. Dryák, J. Sochorová, P. Auerbach, M. Havelka, P. Kovář2013/05/03PDF
146 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-15Review of the activities at the NMISA-Radioactivity Standards Laboratory. May 2011-May 2013.M.J. van Staden, W.M. van Wyngaardt, J. Lubbe and B.R.S. Simpson2013/05/03PDF
20 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-16NMISA Bibliography 2002-2013NMISA2013/05/03PDF
29 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-17Proposals for KCRV updates for the SIR (BIPM.RI(II)-K1) comparisonsC. Michotte2013/04/24PDF
37 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-18Determination of a reference value, associated standard uncertainty and degrees of equivalence for CCRI(II) key comparison data. Report EUR 25355 EN (with errata notice)S. Pommé2012/01/01PDF
638 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-19Determination of KCRV, u(KCRV) and DoE. Final Proposal by KCWG to CCRI(II)S. Pommé and J. Keightley2013/05/07PDF
522 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-20LNMRI-IRD_2011-2012_publicationsC.J. da Silva2013/05/07PDF
170 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-21Report of the CCRI(II) Transfer Instrument Working Group 2011-2013C. Michotte2013/04/19PDF
339 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-23Report of the NIM Radioactivity Group to CCRI?(II?)J. Zhang2013/05/10PDF
133 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-24AFRIMETS TC-IR REPORT TO THE CCRI(II)W.M. van Wyngaardt2013/05/10PDF
30 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-25IRMM-Publications Radionuclide Metrology Sector June 2011 ? May 2013U. Wätjen2013/05/10PDF
194 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-26Status of comparison on radioactivity measurement on APMP/TCRIY. Yuandi2013/05/10PDF
95 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-27Inputs from APMP for CCRI strategic plan in radioactivity measurementY. Yuandi2013/05/10PDF
416 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-28Strategy Actions Report-presentation for agenda item 4-2-1L. Karam2013/05/07PDF
956 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-29SIM Comparisons in Radioactivity-presentation for agenda item 5-2-2 from SIML. Karam2013/05/07PDF
642 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-30Quantitative Medical Imaging-presentation for agenda item 6-2-1-2L. Karam2013/05/07PDF
723 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-31Molecular Imaging Agents-presentation for agenda item 6-2-1-3 from NISTL. Karam2013/05/07PDF
822 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-32A Strategy for CCRI-presentation for agenda item 6 2L. Karam2013/05/07PDF
453 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-33SIM Activities-presentation for agenda item 6 3 from SIML. Karam2013/05/07PDF
891 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-36Revision of the Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement ? impact on national metrology institutes and industryM. Cox, P. Harris2013/05/16PDF
617 kbytes
CCRI(II)/13-372013 CCRI(II) decision on the evaluation of KCRVC. Michotte2013/10/25PDF
102 kbytes
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