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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCRI(I) working documents (Open access)
  21st meeting (2013)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCRI(I)/13-04NRC Activities and Publications 2011-2013Malcolm McEwen2013/02/20PDF
738 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-06Report of the NIST Dosimetry Group to CCRI Section IMichael G. Mitch2013/02/25PDF
128 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-08LNE-LNHB Highlights 2011-2012Frank Delaunay2013/02/28PDF
968 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-09Progress Report on Radiation Dosimetry at the VNIIMA.V. Oborin, S.A. Fedina, I.I. Tsvetkov, A.Y. Villevalde2013/02/28PDF
417 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-10PTB Progress ReportU. Ankerhold et al., P. Ambrosi et al., U. Giesen, A. Arndt et al.2013/02/28PDF
2109 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-11Report to the CCRI section I on the activity carried out at ENEA-INMRI on photon and charged-particles dosimetry in the period 2011-2013M.P. Toni, M. Pinto, M D´Arienzo, A.S. Guerra, M. Pimpinella, M. Bovi2013/03/01PDF
959 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-12Progress report on the photon dosimetry at CMIVladimír Sochor2013/03/05PDF
302 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-13Progress Report on Radiation Dosimetry Standards at NMIJ/AIST and Photon Energy Spectra Measured in FukushimaNorio Saito, Tadahiro Kurosawa, Masahiro Kato, Yuichiro Morishita, Takahiro Tanaka, and Morihito Shimizu2013/03/05PDF
893 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-15Progress Report (2013) on Radiation Dosimetry at NPLP. Sharpe and S. Duane2013/03/11PDF
239 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-17Recent Activities in Measurement Standards and Dosimetry at ARPANSA, 2011-2013Nkem Anele, Duncan Butler, Andrew Cole, Ramanathan Ganesan, Peter Harty, Chris Oliver, David Webb and Tracy Wright2013/03/15PDF
403 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-19EURAMET-TC-IR Annual Report 2012/2013H. Bjerke2013/03/19PDF
286 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-21Progress report from the SSDL of the NRPAH. Bjerke2013/03/15PDF
178 kbytes
1048 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-23Progress Report (2013) on the Radiation Dosimetry at MKEHG. Machula2013/03/21PDF
60 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-24 ITN/IST Publications list as at March 2013C. Oliveira2013/03/21PDF
271 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-25KRISS Progress Report to the 21st Meeting of the CCRI(I)Chul-Young Yi, Suck-Ho Hah, Kook Jin Chun, In Jung Kim, Byoung Chul Kim, Hyun-Moon Kim and Young Min Seong2013/03/22PDF
141 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-26Temperature dependence of cavity ionization chamber responseChul-Young Yi and Hyun-Moon Kim2013/03/22PDF
94 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-27Inherent uncertainty of air kermaChul-Young Yi2013/03/22PDF
185 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-28Progress report on radiation dosimetry at NIM Zhang Yanli, Wu Jingjie, Wang Peiwei, Li Dehong and Wang Kun 2013/03/22PDF
488 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-30METAS CCRI(I) Report 2011-2013B. Boillat, C. Meyer, A. Steiner, A. Tschudin, D. Twerenbold, S. Vörös2013/03/22PDF
1156 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-31Recent Activities in Measurement Standard and Dosimetry at the GUM, 2011-2013Adrian Bozydar Knyziak2013/03/22PDF
67 kbytes
CCRI(I)/13-32LMRI (IST-ITN) Activity Report (2011-2012)C. Oliveira2013/03/24PDF
225 kbytes
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