– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCPR working documents (Open access)
  24th meeting (2019)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCPR/19-01Agenda of CCPR 2019 meeting BIPM2019/09/18PDF
161 kbytes
CCPR/19-02Schedule of CCPR 2019 and WG meetings2019/05/07PDF
123 kbytes
CCPR/19-03Questionnaire on activities in radiometry and photometry2019/06/26WORD
246 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-01GUM Progress ReportD. Matkowska2019/08/05PDF
176 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-02SCL Progress ReportC.M. Tsui2019/08/05PDF
134 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-03IO-CSIC Progress ReportJ.C. Acosta2019/08/05PDF
179 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-04NMCC-SASO Progress ReportM. Alfohaid2019/08/05PDF
402 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-05NRC Progress ReportL. Tay2019/08/06PDF
370 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-06PTB Progress ReportS. Kück2019/08/08PDF
646 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-07MSL Progress ReportA. Koo2019/08/09PDF
157 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-08PMOD Progress ReportJ. Gröbner2019/09/09PDF
140 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-09UME Progress ReportO. Bazkir2019/09/09PDF
189 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-10KRISS Progress ReportD.H. Lee2019/09/09PDF
640 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-11INRIM Progress ReportG. Brida2019/09/09PDF
180 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-12INMETRO Progress ReportT. Menegotto2019/09/02PDF
553 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-13NIST Progress ReportM. Nadal2019/09/02PDF
310 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-14NMIA Progress ReportP. Mansen2019/09/02WORD
244 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-15METAS Progress ReportP. Blattner2019/09/03WORD
248 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-16CMI Progress ReportM. Smid2019/09/03PDF
428 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-17LNE Progress ReportJ. Dubard2019/09/09PDF
928 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-18CENAM Progress ReportH. A. Castillo M.2019/09/11PDF
464 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-19VSL Progress ReportS. van den Berg2019/09/12PDF
261 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-20NMIJ Progress ReportH. Shitomi2019/09/12PDF
149 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-21NIM Progress Report2019/09/13PDF
309 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-22VTT-MIKES Progress ReportE. Ikonen2019/09/13PDF
192 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-23SMU Progress ReportM. Krempasky2019/09/17PDF
631 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-24CMS/ITRI Progress ReportK.-N. Wu2019/09/17PDF
1171 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-25NMISA Progress ReportR. Sieberhagen2019/09/18PDF
667 kbytes
CCPR/19-03-26VIINOFI Progress ReportB. Khlevnoy2019/09/30PDF
5065 kbytes
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