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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCPR working documents (Open access)
  23rd meeting (2016)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCPR/16-02Agenda of the CCPR 2016BIPM2016/09/21PDF
193 kbytes
CCPR/16-05Report of the 22nd meeting of the CCPRP. Manson2016/05/27PDF
479 kbytes
CCPR/16-06CENAM Report C.H. Matamoros2016/08/29PDF
589 kbytes
CCPR/16-07NRC Report J. Zwinkels2016/08/29PDF
98 kbytes
CCPR/16-08PTB ReportS. Kück2016/08/29PDF
500 kbytes
CCPR/16-09UME progress reportÖ. Bazkir2016/09/01PDF
200 kbytes
CCPR/16-10MSL progress reportA. Koo2016/09/01PDF
275 kbytes
CCPR/16-11NIM progress reportY. Lin2016/09/01PDF
469 kbytes
CCPR/16-12INMETRO progress reportT. Menegotto2016/09/22PDF
201 kbytes
CCPR/16-13NIST progress reportG. Fraser, M. Dowel, M. Nadal, Y. Ohno2016/09/01PDF
531 kbytes
CCPR/16-14IO-CSIC progress reportJ. Campos Acosta2016/09/01PDF
346 kbytes
CCPR/16-15NMISA progress reportR. Sieberhagen2016/09/05PDF
61 kbytes
CCPR/16-16NMIA progress reportP. Manson2016/09/05PDF
270 kbytes
CCPR/16-17NPL progress reportN. Fox2016/09/13PDF
727 kbytes
CCPR/16-18KRISS progress reportS. K. Kim2016/09/09PDF
882 kbytes
CCPR/16-19CMS-ITRI progress reportK.N. Wu2016/09/20PDF
743 kbytes
CCPR/16-20LNE progress reportJ.R. Flitz2016/09/13PDF
142 kbytes
CCPR/16-21METAS progress reportP. Blattner2016/09/14PDF
97 kbytes
CCPR/16-22VSL progress reportS. Van der Berg2016/09/16PDF
306 kbytes
CCPR/16-23NMIJ progress reportT. Zama2016/09/16PDF
503 kbytes
CCPR/16-24PMOD-WRC progress reportW. Schmutz2016/09/20PDF
283 kbytes
CCPR/16-25MIKES progress reportE. Ikonen2016/09/20PDF
35 kbytes
CCPR/16-26NMC A-STAR progress reportZhang Jing2016/09/20PDF
204 kbytes
CCPR/16-27INRIM progress reportG. Brida2016/09/23PDF
107 kbytes
CCPR/16-28SMU progress reportMarian Krempasky2016/09/23PDF
84 kbytes
CCPR/16-29CMI progress reportM. Smid2016/09/27PDF
252 kbytes
CCPR/16-31Report of the WG-CMC to CCPR 2016T. Zama2016/11/09PDF
136 kbytes
CCPR/16-32CCPR WG-CMC Workshop on CMC Review SummaryP. Manson2016/09/26PDF
51 kbytes
CCPR/16-33Report of the WG-KC to CCPRY. Ohno2016/09/26PDF
545 kbytes
CCPR/16-34Report of the WG-SP to CCPRJ. Zwinkels2016/09/26PDF
632 kbytes
CCPR/16-36Report of AFRIMET TC-PR to CCPRR. Sieberhagen2016/09/26PDF
219 kbytes
CCPR/16-37Report of COOMET to CCPRB. Khlevnoy2016/09/26PDF
1590 kbytes
CCPR/16-38Report of Euramet TC-PR to CCPRJ. Gran2016/09/26PDF
229 kbytes
CCPR/16-39Report of SIM TC-PR to CCPRM. Nadal2016/09/26PDF
404 kbytes
CCPR/16-40Photometry and Radiometry in SASOM. Z. AlFohaid2016/09/26PDF
1859 kbytes
CCPR/16-41Liaison report from WMO to CCPRI. Ruedi2016/09/26PDF
1858 kbytes
CCPR/16-42CIE report to CCPRP. Blattner2016/09/26PDF
594 kbytes
CCPR/16-43CORM report to CCPRY. Ohno2016/09/26PDF
2423 kbytes
CCPR/16-45Few Photon MetrologyS. Kück2016/09/26PDF
3059 kbytes
CCPR/16-46NMIJ research activities relevant to LED sources for photometryT. Zama2016/09/26PDF
2638 kbytes
CCPR/16-47LED sources in photometry at NISTY. Ohno2016/09/26PDF
2538 kbytes
CCPR/16-48development of LED filament standard lampsY. Lin2016/09/26PDF
2031 kbytes
CCPR/16-49Measuring absolute total solar irradianceW. Schmutz2016/09/26PDF
2738 kbytes
CCPR/16-50Earth observation and climate measurementN. Fox2016/09/26PDF
19 kbytes
CCPR/16-51VNIIOFI activities in radiometry and photometry for earth observationV. Sapritsky2016/09/26PDF
6868 kbytes
CCPR/16-52Presentation of SCL activitiesD. Lee2016/09/26PDF
3726 kbytes
CCPR/16-53Recommended modification to the draft 9th SI Brochure2016/12/16PDF
289 kbytes
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