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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCM working documents (Open access)
  16th meeting (2017)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCM/17-003-7B2Final Report on the CCM Pilot Study of future realizations of the kilogramM. Stock et al.2017/06/27PDF
517 kbytes
CCM/17-006ECCM recomendation G1 (2017): English versionCCM2017/05/30PDF
55 kbytes
CCM/17-006FCCM recomendation G1 (2017): French versionCCM2017/05/30PDF
50 kbytes
CCM/17-01Final agendaPh. Richard & H. Fang2017/03/30PDF
143 kbytes
CCM/17-02ANews from the CIPMPh. Richard2017/05/26PDF
349 kbytes
CCM/17-02B1Joint CC statement on the proposed redefinition of the SICCs2017/11/14PDF
72 kbytes
CCM/17-02B2CCM stament on the forthcoming redefintion of the kilogramS. Davidson & R. Davis2017/05/03PDF
275 kbytes
CCM/17-02CUpdate on the CCM GuidelinesH. Fang2017/05/26PDF
307 kbytes
CCM/17-03-1Report from WGDVK. Fujii & H. Wolf2017/05/24PDF
1465 kbytes
CCM/17-03-2Report from WGFR. Kumme2017/05/24PDF
761 kbytes
CCM/17-03-3Report from WGPVK. Jousten2017/05/24PDF
607 kbytes
CCM/17-03-4Report from WGHS. Low2017/05/24PDF
1428 kbytes
CCM/17-03-5Report from WGFFJ. Wright2017/05/24PDF
2152 kbytes
CCM/17-03-6Report from WGGA. Germak2017/05/24PDF
1752 kbytes
CCM/17-03-7Report from WGR-kgH. Bettin2017/05/24PDF
482 kbytes
CCM/17-03-7B1Presentation on the CCM Pilot Study of future realizations of the kilogramM. Stock2017/05/24PDF
1 kbytes
CCM/17-03-7DMetrologia: Focus on Realization, Maintenance and Dissemination of the KilogramH. Bettin & S. Schlamminger2017/05/24PDF
324 kbytes
CCM/17-03-8Report from WGD-kgC. Sutton & S. Davidson2017/05/24PDF
360 kbytes
CCM/17-04AReport from BIPM mass laboratoriesM. Stock2017/05/24PDF
1066 kbytes
CCM/17-04BAnalysis of BIPM mass data focusing on the period 2010-2016E. de Mirandés2017/05/24PDF
710 kbytes
CCM/17-04CStatus of the BIPM ensemble of mass standardsE. de Mirandés2017/05/24PDF
1009 kbytes
CCM/17-04DStatus of the BIPM Kibble BalanceH. Fang2017/05/24PDF
1884 kbytes
CCM/17-05Report of the President of the Consultative Committee for the UnitsJ. Ullrich2017/05/24PDF
5334 kbytes
CCM/17-07AJCRB reportN. Zviagin2017/05/24PDF
716 kbytes
CCM/17-07BOn the revision of the KCDB 2.0S. Picard & S. Maniguet2017/05/24PDF
598 kbytes
CCM/17-07CReport from AFRIMETSA. Eltawil2017/05/24PDF
370 kbytes
CCM/17-07DReport from APMPL. S. Mean & M. Ballico2017/05/24PDF
174 kbytes
CCM/17-07EReport from EURAMETI. Spohr2017/05/24PDF
421 kbytes
CCM/17-07FReport from GULFMETC. Mitsas2017/05/24PDF
520 kbytes
CCM/17-07GReport from SIMA. Quiroga2017/05/24PDF
400 kbytes
CCM/17-07HReport from RMOs in Fluid FlowJ. Wright2017/05/24PDF
1237 kbytes
CCM/17-09Potential new CCM member/observer: DFML. Nielsen2017/04/03PDF
737 kbytes
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