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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCM working documents (Open access)
  17th meeting (2019)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCM/19-01Final agendaPh. Richard & H. Fang2019/05/20PDF
516 kbytes
CCM/19-02ADecisions and actions: items 2, 3, 4, 11, 14 and 15P. Richard2019/05/20PDF
1063 kbytes
CCM/19-02BUpdate from the BIPMBIPM2019/05/20PDF
1513 kbytes
CCM/19-04AWG on Strategy: CCM strategy, CIPM MRA review and KCsWGS2019/05/20PDF
389 kbytes
CCM/19-04BWG on Strategy: recomendations on the registration of RMO KCsWGS2019/05/29PDF
39 kbytes
CCM/19-05AReport of the CCM Working Group on Density and ViscosityWGDV2019/05/20PDF
1349 kbytes
CCM/19-05BReport of the CCM Working Group on Force and TorqueWGFT2019/05/20PDF
1787 kbytes
CCM/19-05CReport of the CCM Working Group on Pressure and VacuumWGPV2019/05/20PDF
601 kbytes
CCM/19-05DReport of the CCM Working Group on HardnessWGH2019/05/20PDF
713 kbytes
CCM/19-05EReport of the CCM Working Group on Fluid and FlowWGFF2019/05/20PDF
978 kbytes
CCM/19-05FReport of the CCM Working Group on GravityWGG2019/05/20PDF
1033 kbytes
CCM/19-05GAReport of the CCM Working Group on the Realization of the kilogramWGR-kg2019/05/20PDF
476 kbytes
CCM/19-05GBReport of the CCM Working Group on the Dissemination of the kilogramWGD-kg2019/05/20PDF
466 kbytes
CCM/19-06AReport of the CCM Task Group on the Phases for the Dissemination of the kilogram following redefinitionCCM-TGPfDkg2019/05/17PDF
469 kbytes
CCM/19-06BCCM detailed note on the dissemination process after the redefinition of the kilogramCCM2019/05/20PDF
248 kbytes
CCM/19-06CNote on the impact of the redefinition of the kilogram on BIPM mass calibration uncertaintiesBIPM2019/05/06PDF
110 kbytes
CCM/19-07AReport from the BIPM mass laboratoryBIPM2019/05/20PDF
744 kbytes
CCM/19-07BBIPM Kibble balance progressBIPM2019/05/20PDF
1180 kbytes
CCM/19-08Report on recent CCU activitiesCCU2019/05/17PDF
3271 kbytes
CCM/19-10AUpdate on the JCRBJCRB2019/05/20PDF
414 kbytes
CCM/19-10BDemonstration of KCDB 2.0KCDB2019/05/20PDF
556 kbytes
CCM/19-12A2Presentation INMETROINMETRO2019/04/16PDF
9238 kbytes
CCM/19-12B2Presentation IPQIPQ2019/05/10PDF
2968 kbytes
CCM/19-13AThe revised SI: Challenges and opportunities for mass and related quantities S. Schlamminger2019/05/17PDF
6064 kbytes
CCM/19-13BThe Kibble balance: measuring mass and related quantities in the revised SI I. Robinson2019/05/17PDF
2837 kbytes
CCM/19-13CGravity measurements supporting Kibble balances V. Palinkas2019/05/17PDF
4662 kbytes
CCM/19-13DSilicon spheres for the realization of the new kilogram definition H. Bettin2019/05/17PDF
765 kbytes
CCM/19-13ERealization of small mass, force and torque measurements based on the new definition of the kilogramk. Fujii2019/05/17PDF
1340 kbytes
CCM/19-13GReal-time contamination monitoring on mass standards stored in inert gasS. Davidson2019/05/17PDF
1386 kbytes
CCM/19-13HTraceable desorption and outgassing rate measurementsK. Jousten2019/05/20PDF
2350 kbytes
CCM/19-RM01Activity report from AFRIMETSAFRIMETS2019/04/12PDF
845 kbytes
CCM/19-RM02Activity report from APMPAPMP2019/04/12PDF
408 kbytes
CCM/19-RM03Activity report from COOMETCOOMET2019/05/14PDF
1296 kbytes
CCM/19-RM04Activity report from EURAMETEURAMET2019/04/17PDF
1123 kbytes
CCM/19-RM05Activity report from GULFMETGULFMET2019/04/12PDF
1999 kbytes
CCM/19-RM06Activity report from SIMSIM2019/04/15PDF
637 kbytes
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