– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together on
     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCL working documents (Open access)
  17th meeting (2018)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCL/18-01Draft Agenda of CCLI. Castelazo 2018/03/09PDF
39 kbytes
CCL/18-02Status on comparisons carried out within the frame of the CCLG. Panfilo and A. Lewis2018/05/07PDF
277 kbytes
CCL/18-05Report from 16th CCLM. Zucco2018/05/16PDF
592 kbytes
CCL/18-05.1List of actions from the 16th meetingM. Zucco2018/05/18PDF
17 kbytes
CCL/18-07Progress towards the revision of the SIE. De Mirandes2018/06/14PDF
3738 kbytes
CCL/18-10On the revision of the KCDB 2.0 CCLS. Picard2018/06/18PDF
916 kbytes
CCL/18-13.1Report of DG1A. Lewis2018/06/08PDF
925 kbytes
CCL/18-13.2Report of DG2M. Abe2018/06/08PDF
430 kbytes
CCL/18-13.4Report of DG4M. Villesid2018/06/14PDF
50 kbytes
CCL/18-13.4aReport of DG4 - presentationM. Villesid2018/06/14PDF
233 kbytes
CCL/18-13.5Report of DG5E. Prieto2018/06/06PDF
581 kbytes
CCL/18-13.7Report of DG7H. Bosse2018/06/08PDF
538 kbytes
CCL/18-13.8Report of DG8A. Baker2018/06/08PDF
96 kbytes
CCL/18-14aJCRB report to CCLN. Zviagin2018/06/13PDF
1163 kbytes
CCL/18-14b.1EURAMET TC-L ReportH. Bosse2018/06/08PDF
2157 kbytes
CCL/18-14b.2APMP TC-L ReportJ. Buajarern2018/06/10PDF
291 kbytes
CCL/18-14b.4SIM TC-L ReportK. Bastida2018/06/14PDF
6473 kbytes
CCL/18-14b.6GULFMET TC-L reportM. Al Senaidi2018/06/15PDF
3094 kbytes
CCL/18-15.2CCL memebership, chairs and moderatorsI. Castelazo2018/06/15PDF
207 kbytes
CCL/18-15.4Length Activities at NISO. Terra2018/09/13PDF
7970 kbytes
CCL/18-15.5Presentation of the laboratory of the length - GUMD. Czulek2018/09/13PDF
13414 kbytes
CCL/18-17CCL websiteG. Panfilo2018/06/15PDF
218 kbytes
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