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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCEM working documents (Open access)
  30th meeting (2017)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCEM/17-02Draft Agenda for the meeting of CCEM on 22 and 24 March 2017, V3, incl. agenda for workshop on 23 March2017/02/21PDF
120 kbytes
CCEM/17-04On the unit of reactive power (item 4.5)G. Kyriazis2017/02/15PDF
131 kbytes
CCEM/17-04.1Proposal to CCU on the var (item 4.5)G. Kyriazis2017/03/10PDF
27 kbytes
CCEM/17-04.2Proposed change to the draft of the 9th edition of the SI brochure - unit of reactive powerG. Kyriazis2017/04/03PDF
141 kbytes
CCEM/17-08.1Mise en pratique for the ampere and other electrical units in the SI, Draft 4 - 17 July 2017WGSI2017/07/17PDF
350 kbytes
CCEM/17-12CCEM Strategic Plan (item 8.1)2017/03/20PDF
263 kbytes
CCEM/17-13NIS activities in the field of electricity and magnetism (request for observer status)M. Helmy Abd El-Raouf2017/03/23PDF
6380 kbytes
CCEM/17-14GT-RF report to the CCEMM. Zeier2017/03/24PDF
100 kbytes
CCEM/17-15WGLF report to the CCEMJ. Williams2017/03/24PDF
236 kbytes
CCEM/17-16WGRMO report to the CCEMI. Budovsky2017/03/27PDF
779 kbytes
CCEM/17-17WGSI report to the CCEMB. Wood2017/03/24PDF
541 kbytes
CCEM/17-18Report from the CODATA TGFCB. Wood2017/03/24PDF
796 kbytes
CCEM/17-19Report of the President of the CCUJ. Ullrich2017/03/27PDF
9117 kbytes
CCEM/17-22On the revision of the KCDB 2.0S. Picard2017/03/27PDF
1360 kbytes
CCEM/17-23Report on the work of the BIPM electricity laboratoriesM. Stock2017/03/27PDF
4467 kbytes
CCEM/17-24Practical quantum realization of the ampere W. Poirier et al.2017/04/20PDF
4367 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-CEMActivities from CEM Electricity and Magnetism Division2017/03/02PDF
264 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-CENAMProgress report on electrical metrology at CENAM 2015-2172017/02/27PDF
211 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-CMIProgress report on electrical metrology ay CMI between 2015 and 20172017/03/23PDF
479 kbytes
49 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-INRIMINRIM Progress Report: March 2015 - Feb 2017 2017/03/02PDF
168 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-INTIINTI Report on research and development activities in electricity and magnetism 2014-20162017/03/13PDF
159 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-JVReport on Electromagnetic Metrology Activities at JV2017/03/16PDF
359 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-KRISSProgress report of KRISS electromagnetic metrology2017/03/15PDF
126 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-LNEReport on activities in electricity and magnetism within the LNE between 2015 and 20172017/02/27PDF
329 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-METASProgress report on electrical metrology at METAS2017/02/27PDF
274 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-MIKESMIKES progress report2017/03/22PDF
209 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-MSLReport on Electromagnetic Metrology Activities at MSL2017/03/20PDF
269 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-NIMReport on the Activities in Electricity and Magnetism within National Institute of Metrology (NIM), China2017/03/08PDF
195 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-NISNIS activities in the field of electricity and magnetism (request for observer status)2017/03/23PDF
590 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-NISTStatus report to CCEM of electrical metrology developments at NIST2017/02/20PDF
176 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-NMCReport on electricity and magnetism metrology activities at the NMC2017/02/23PDF
180 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-NMIANMIA Report on research and development activities in electricity and magnetism2017/03/13PDF
48 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-NMIJLaboratory report of NMIJ and JEMIC 2015-20172017/03/03PDF
1530 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-NMISAProgress report on activities in electricity and magnetism at NMISA2017/02/27PDF
104 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-NPLNews from NPL for the CCEM2017/03/23PDF
228 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-PTBProgress report on electrical metrology at the PTB between 2015 and 20172017/02/20PDF
116 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-RISEReport from RISE research institutes of Sweden within the field of electrical metrology2017/03/15PDF
243 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-SCLReport on Electricity and Magnetism Metrology Activities at the SCL, Hong Kong2017/02/20PDF
138 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-UMENews from TUBITAK UME 2017/02/15PDF
257 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-VNIIMVNIIM Progress report to CCEM 2017/03/15PDF
248 kbytes
CCEM/17-Report-VSLProgress report on Electrical Metrology at VSL (2015 ? 2017)2017/03/02PDF
209 kbytes
CCEM/17-Workshop-1Measurement challenges in electrical metrologyJT Janssen2017/03/27PDF
1166 kbytes
CCEM/17-Workshop-3Challenges in nanomagnetism and spintronicsM. Pasquale2017/03/27PDF
3897 kbytes
CCEM/17-Workshop-4Needs and challenges of electrical measurements for micro/nanoelectronic devicesB. Gautier2017/03/27PDF
3597 kbytes
CCEM/17-Workshop-5Future challenges in high-frequency electromagnetic metrology (RF to THz)N. Ridler2017/03/27PDF
5298 kbytes
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