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     matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CCEM working documents (Open access)
  31st meeting (2019)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCEM/19-01_aDraft agenda for the 31st meeting of the CCEM on 28-29 March 2019 - V22019/03/08PDF
113 kbytes
CCEM/19-01_bAgenda for the CCEM workshop on rf and microwave metrologyM. Zeier2019/02/25PDF
121 kbytes
CCEM/19-03_aCCEM poster for CGPM 20182019/02/28PDF
262 kbytes
CCEM/19-03_bCCEM report for CGPM 2018G. Rietveld2019/02/28PDF
94 kbytes
CCEM/19-03_cCCEM presentation for CGPM 2018G. Rietveld2019/02/28PDF
1507 kbytes
CCEM/19-03_dNews from CIPM, CGPMG. Rietveld2019/04/01PDF
2089 kbytes
CCEM/19-03_eUpdate from BIPMM. Milton2019/04/01PDF
1413 kbytes
CCEM/19-04.1_aReport on the meeting of CCEM WGKG - July 2018I Robinson2019/03/26PDF
289 kbytes
CCEM/19-04.1_bReport from the CCEM WGKGI. Robinson2019/04/01PDF
1737 kbytes
CCEM/19-04.2_aMise en pratique for the definition of the ampere and other electric units in the SI2019/02/28PDF
221 kbytes
CCEM/19-04.2_bCCEM Guidelines for Implementation of the Revised SI2019/02/28PDF
174 kbytes
CCEM/19-04.2_cCCEM 2019 Report from WGSIB. Wood2019/04/01PDF
1112 kbytes
CCEM/19-04.3Report from the CODATA Task Group for Fundamental ConstantsB. Wood2019/04/01PDF
1374 kbytes
CCEM/19-04.4Report on recent CCU activitiesE. de Mirandes2019/04/01PDF
3219 kbytes
CCEM/19-05Report on the 25th meeting of the GT-RFM. Zeier2019/04/01PDF
88 kbytes
CCEM/19-06CCEM WGRMO chair reportI. Budovsky2019/04/01PDF
1740 kbytes
CCEM/19-07WGLF summary to CCEMJ. Williams2019/04/01PDF
438 kbytes
CCEM/19-08.1_aCCEM Strategy, V5.3, 26/03/20142019/02/28PDF
255 kbytes
CCEM/19-08.1_bCCEM Strategy summary, 22/09/20172019/02/28PDF
157 kbytes
CCEM/19-10_aProposal for a joint CCRI and CCEM working group on low current measurement for ionization chambersCCRI2019/03/12PDF
156 kbytes
CCEM/19-10_bThe next generation of ionization chambers for radionuclide metrology: a proposal to form a joint Task GroupS. Judge2019/04/01PDF
621 kbytes
CCEM/19-11.2CMI laboratory of electromagnetic measurements (support for membership application)J. Streit2019/03/18PDF
6590 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-CENAMProgress report on electrical metrology at CENAM 2017-20192019/03/22PDF
114 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-CMIProgress report on electrical metrology at CMI between 2017 and 20192019/03/18PDF
633 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-INMETROReport of the research and development activities of INMETRO electrical metrology division (2017-2019)2019/02/22PDF
103 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-INRIMINRIM Progress Report: Mar 2017 - Mar 2019 2019/03/07PDF
171 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-INTIINTI Report on Research and Development Activities in Electricity and Magnetism 2016-20182019/03/18PDF
252 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-JVReport on electromagnetic metrology activities at JV, Norway2019/03/22PDF
604 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-KRISSProgress Report of KRISS Electromagnetic Metrology2019/03/27PDF
4740 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-LNEReport on the activities in Electricity and Magnetism within the LNE between 2017 and 20192019/02/27PDF
221 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-METASProgress report on electrical metrology at METAS 2017 to 20192019/02/22PDF
362 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-MIKESProgress report on electrical metrology at VTT MIKES between 2017 and 20192019/03/26PDF
347 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-MSLReport on Electromagnetic Metrology Activities at MSL, New Zealand2019/03/18PDF
260 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-NIMActivites on DC & LF Electricity and Magnetism at NIM2019/03/18PDF
4261 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-NISNIS Activities and Research Development in the Field of Electricity and Magnetism from March 2017 to March 20192019/03/22PDF
233 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-NISTReport to CCEM on electrical metrology at NIST2019/03/18PDF
175 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-NMCReport on electricity and magnetism metrology activities at the NMC, Singapore2019/03/25PDF
439 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-NMIANMIA Report on Research and Development Activities in Electricity and Magnetism2019/03/21PDF
18 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-NMIJLaboratory Report of National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ/AIST) and Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation (JEMIC) 2017-20192019/03/26PDF
2623 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-NMISAProgress Report on Activities in Electricity and Magnetism2019/03/11PDF
35 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-NPLNews from NPL for the CCEM2019/04/01PDF
506 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-PTBProgress report on electrical metrology at the PTB between 2017 and 20192019/02/27PDF
80 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-SCLReport on Electricity and Magnetism Metrology Activities at the SCL, Hong Kong2019/03/21PDF
132 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-UMENews from TÜBITAK UME2019/02/06PDF
264 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-VNIIMVNIIM Progress report to CCEM2019/03/18PDF
362 kbytes
CCEM/19-Report-VSLProgress report on Electrical Metrology at VSL (2017 ? 2019)2019/03/25PDF
1325 kbytes
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