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CCAUV working documents (Open access)
  11th meeting (2017)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCAUV/17-01CCAUV Draft Agenda 2017T. Usuda2017/06/30PDF
82 kbytes
CCAUV/17-03Actions and Decisions - 10th meeting of the CCAUVCCAUV2017/07/20PDF
449 kbytes
CCAUV/17-04Workshop of the CCAUV - Measurement of imperceptive mattersT. Usuda2017/08/21PDF
133 kbytes
CCAUV/17-06Status report of PTB for the 11th Meeting of the CCAUV (2017)T. Bruns et al.2017/08/29PDF
53 kbytes
CCAUV/17-07ISO TC43 SC3 Report to the CCAUVS. Robinson2017/09/04PDF
134 kbytes
CCAUV/17-08IEC TC87 Report to the CCAUVS. Robinson2017/09/04PDF
77 kbytes
CCAUV/17-09RMO Report: EURAMETS. Robinson2017/09/04PDF
154 kbytes
CCAUV/17-10Report on CCAUV.V-K3, low frequency vibration comparisonS. Qiao2017/09/05PDF
2839 kbytes
CCAUV/17-12Joint Report of Activities from DFM and BKSV-DPLAS. B. Figueroa et al.2017/09/11PDF
84 kbytes
CCAUV/17-13Activities of the Underwater Sound Reference Division, USA: 2015-2017S. Crocker et al.2017/09/11PDF
50 kbytes
CCAUV/17-14Primary Method for the Complex Calibration of a Hydrophone from 1 Hz to 2 kHzW. Slater, S. Crocker and S. Baker2017/09/11PDF
2367 kbytes
CCAUV/17-15Acoustical metrology at the NPL (UK)B. Zeqiri et al.2017/09/11PDF
1126 kbytes
109 kbytes
CCAUV/17-17Status report of INMETRO to the 11th CCAUV meetingG. Ripper2017/09/13PDF
2671 kbytes
CCAUV/17-18Status Report of GUM for the 11th Meeting of CCAUVD. Dobrowolska2017/09/13PDF
261 kbytes
CCAUV/17-19The current status of Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration measurement standards at NMIJ/ AISTR. Horiuchi2017/09/14PDF
810 kbytes
CCAUV/17-20Summary of CCAUV comparisonsG. Panfilo2017/09/14PDF
92 kbytes
CCAUV/17-23RMO Report: COOMETV. Pozdeeva2017/09/18PDF
227 kbytes
CCAUV/17-25Report for CCAUV of NISTM. Gaitan2017/09/18PDF
90 kbytes
CCAUV/17-27ISO/TC 108 and ISO TC 108 WG34 Liaison to the CCAUV I. Veldman 2017/09/18PDF
106 kbytes
CCAUV/17-28CCAUV activity report in AUV - METASC. Hof2017/09/18PDF
63 kbytes
CCAUV/17-29Status report of KRISS AUV for the 11th CCAUV meetingW. H. Cho2017/09/20PDF
1247 kbytes
CCAUV/17-30Brief Report to the 11th meeting of the CCCAUV from NMISAI. Veldman2017/09/20PDF
197 kbytes
CCAUV/17-31Short Report on AUV Activities at UMEE. Sadıkoğlu2017/09/20PDF
147 kbytes
CCAUV/17-32IEC/TC29 Electroacoustics, Presentation to CCAUVS. Dowson and S. Robinson2017/09/20PDF
86 kbytes
CCAUV/17-34On the revision of KCDB 2.0S. Picard2017/09/20PDF
830 kbytes
CCAUV/17-36The International Monitoring System: Overview measurement Systems and CalibrationJ. Marty2017/09/20PDF
3999 kbytes
CCAUV/17-37Workshop of the CCAUV -Measurement of imperceptive matters- (presentation)T. Usuda2017/09/20PDF
445 kbytes
CCAUV/17-38Free-field calibration of an underwater sound receiver in a laboratory water tank at very low frequenciesA.E. Isaev and A.S. Nikolaenko2017/09/20PDF
2088 kbytes
CCAUV/17-39Metrology issues with long-term monitoring of very low frequency deep-water ocean noise (and an example of analysis of long-term trends)S. Robinson2017/09/20PDF
1384 kbytes
CCAUV/17-40A 6DOF micro-vibration measurement and generation test facilityC. Jarvis2017/09/20PDF
2086 kbytes
CCAUV/17-42Biographies of the speakers - Workshop CCAUVG. Panfilo2017/09/20PDF
387 kbytes
CCAUV/17-43Realization of acoustic primary standards for airborne ultrasound and applicationsR. Horiuchi2017/09/21PDF
470 kbytes
CCAUV/17-44SIM MWG-9 REPORT TO THE 11th CCAUV MEETING (presentation)G. Ripper2017/09/21PDF
260 kbytes
CCAUV/17-45Report from CCAUV-KCWG to the 11th CCAUV meeting (presentation) G. Ripper2017/09/21PDF
1015 kbytes
CCAUV/17-46Strategy 2016-2026 CCAUVM. Gaitan2017/09/21PDF
2138 kbytes
CCAUV/17-48CCAUV RMOWG ReportS. Qiao2017/09/21PDF
474 kbytes
CCAUV/17-51COOMET TC-AUVA. Enyakov2017/09/21PDF
1564 kbytes
CCAUV/17-52EURAMET TC-AUV Report to CCAUV11S. Robinson2017/09/21PDF
630 kbytes
CCAUV/17-53New Regional Metrology Organization - GULFMETE. Sadıkoğlu2017/09/21PDF
2501 kbytes
CCAUV/17-54Phase-insensitive Ultrasonic Computed Tomography (piUCT) for the diagnosis of breast diseaseB. Zeqiri2017/09/25PDF
1873 kbytes
CCAUV/17-56Overview of activities of SASO-NMCC in AUV fieldF. N. Alsubaey2017/09/25PDF
2032 kbytes
CCAUV/17-57Activities in KRISSWan-Cho Cho 2017/09/25PDF
1782 kbytes
CCAUV/17-58Recent developments in specification standards: IEC TC87, ISO TC43 SC3, IEC TC29, ISO TC12S. Robinson, B. Zeqiri and S. Dowson2017/09/25PDF
439 kbytes
CCAUV/17-59ISO TC 108 SC3 Liaison to CCAUVI. Veldman2017/09/25PDF
684 kbytes
CCAUV/17-61BIPM CCAUV UnitsS. Robinson2017/09/25PDF
390 kbytes
CCAUV/17-63DFM + BKSV-DPLA: current research activitiesS. B. Figueroa2017/10/23PDF
1223 kbytes
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