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CCAUV working documents (Open access)
  12th meeting (2019)
 FileTitleAuthor(s)Latest updateFile type/ size
CCAUV/19-01Draft Agenda V1T. Usuda2019/05/03PDF
116 kbytes
CCAUV/19-02Agenda of the Workshop ?Diagnosis and inspection by AUV measurement?T. Usuda2019/09/06PDF
670 kbytes
CCAUV/19-03Summary of CCAUV comparisonsG. Panfilo2019/09/14PDF
557 kbytes
CCAUV/19-05.1Report of the 11th CCAUV meetingE. Sadikoglu and S. Barrera-Figueroa2019/09/19PDF
585 kbytes
CCAUV/19-05.2Actions and decisions 11th CCAUV meetingE. Sadikoglu and S. Barrera-Figueroa2019/09/19PDF
113 kbytes
CCAUV/19-05.3Actions and decisions of 10th CCAUV meetingR. Barham and S. Robinson2019/09/19PDF
449 kbytes
CCAUV/19-05.4Actions and Decisions - PresentationG. Panfilo2019/09/26PDF
716 kbytes
CCAUV/19-08Report from the SPWGM. Gaitan2019/09/26PDF
874 kbytes
CCAUV/19-09Report from the KCWGG. Ripper2019/09/26PDF
1369 kbytes
CCAUV/19-10Report from the RMOWGS. Qiao2019/09/26PDF
396 kbytes
CCAUV/19-13JCRB matters: AUV CMC submissions statuses and Hybrid ComparisonsS. Bergstrand2019/09/26PDF
1402 kbytes
CCAUV/19-13.21Report of RMO: SIMG. Ripper2019/09/26PDF
1400 kbytes
CCAUV/19-13.24Report of RMO: COOMETA. Enyakov2019/09/26PDF
1425 kbytes
CCAUV/19-13.25Report of RMO: EURAMETS. Robinson2019/09/24PDF
1703 kbytes
CCAUV/19-14.1Current activities of Ukrmetrteststandart in the field of acoustics and vibration measurementsA. Ivashchenko2019/09/30PDF
3317 kbytes
CCAUV/19-14.2Primary national standards of Ukraine in the field of acoustic and ultrasoundA. Kosterov2019/09/30PDF
1102 kbytes
CCAUV/19-15.4Report of IC TC 29S. Barrera Figueroa and R. Barham2019/09/24PDF
70 kbytes
CCAUV/19-16.1Report from IMEKO TC 22 A. Ota2019/09/19PDF
CCAUV/19-16.2Internoise 2019 and ICA 2019S. Barrera-Figueroa 2019/09/30PDF
317 kbytes
CCAUV/19-21Laboratory report of NMISAI. Veldman 2019/09/19PDF
143 kbytes
CCAUV/19-22Laboratory report of SE ?UKRMETRTESTSTANDART? (Ukraine)Andrey Ivashchenko2019/05/20PDF
14 kbytes
CCAUV/19-24Laboratory report of CENAMA. E. Perez Matzumoto2019/09/11PDF
185 kbytes
CCAUV/19-25Laboratory report of NMIAC. Thomas2019/09/13PDF
35 kbytes
CCAUV/19-26Laboratory report of NMIJ/AISTR. Horiuchi2019/09/13PDF
1335 kbytes
CCAUV/19-27Laboratory report of DP NDI ?SYSTEMA? (Ukraine)A. Kosterov2019/09/19PDF
13 kbytes
CCAUV/19-28Laboratory report of GUMD. Dobrowolska2019/09/20PDF
828 kbytes
CCAUV/19-30Laboratory report of NMC A*STARS. Cui2019/09/24PDF
3479 kbytes
CCAUV/19-32Laboratory report of DFM and BKSV-DPLAS. B. Figueroa2019/09/24PDF
85 kbytes
CCAUV/19-35Laboratory report of KRISSW. H. Cho2019/09/25PDF
1251 kbytes
CCAUV/19-36Laboratory report of UMEE. Sadikoglu2019/09/27PDF
266 kbytes
CCAUV/19-37Laboratory report of INRiMG. Durando2019/09/26PDF
85 kbytes
CCAUV/19-40Quantification of hardened layer thickness in carbon steel using ultrasound metrology A. E. Perez Matzumoto (CENAM)2019/09/11PDF
421 kbytes
CCAUV/19-42Environmental vibration measurements to protect the premises and work of an NMIT. Bruns (PTB)2019/09/26PDF
3911 kbytes
CCAUV/19-44Acoustic transfer admittance of cylindrical cavities in infrasonic frequency rangeD. Rodrigues (LNE)2019/09/26PDF
2121 kbytes
CCAUV/19-45Non-destructive inspection by visualization of laser-induced ultrasonic wavesN. Toyama (NMIJ)2019/09/26PDF
3522 kbytes
CCAUV/19-46Probing biological systems with ultrasoundS. Lori Bridal and P. Dargent2019/09/26PDF
1954 kbytes
CCAUV/19-47Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (RUS) for measurement of Stiffness Tensor of Anisotropic and Attenuative MaterialsP. Dargent2019/09/26PDF
2059 kbytes
CCAUV/19-48ICUA2020 - International Conference on Underwater AcousticsNPL2019/09/27PDF
269 kbytes
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